Meet One of our Favorite Moms, Cara Dumaplin of Taking Cara Babies

Meet One of our Favorite Moms, Cara Dumaplin of Taking Cara Babies

November 11, 2018

Meet Cara of Taking Cara Babies

Many of you have seen us share posts, blogs and pictures from Taking Cara Babies on our social media.  Now it’s time for us to share Cara’s story so that you can see why we recommend her so often to parents of newborns struggling with sleep issues.

We were introduced to Cara by a mutual customer who was so thankful that the combination of Cara’s class and our Magic Sleepsuit enabled her to find a sleep solution that worked for her baby. After speaking with Cara, we knew we found a caring, compassionate and knowledgeable resource that could truly help our parents who needed a little more support to find the ‘gift of sleep’.

Our mutual goal of helping parents find that gift of sleep has blossomed into a wonderful relationship.  At the heart of it we are both moms who love to help other moms (and dads) find the gift of sleep for their new little ones. We are grateful to have met Cara and are thrilled to share her story, and her knowledge and guidance with our customers.

Who is Cara?

Cara Dumaplin is a neonatal nurse and mother of four.  She and her husband (who happens to be a pediatrician) have built their careers taking care of other people’s babies.  Who better to help new parents through sleep issuesright?

How did Taking Cara Babies get started?

Out of necessity of course!! Cara’s first born, Ella, didn’t nap, only ate well at night, and as a result she and Cara were constantly overtired.  Sleep deprivation was robbing Cara of being the mother she wanted to be for Ella. Striving for more balance (and sleep) Cara embarked on a journey to truly understand infant sleep, so that she and her family could fully enjoy life again.

Hours of research, education and practical experience as neonatal and labor and delivery nurse led Cara to find the keys to get Ella to sleep through the night. Which, in turn, led to better naps by day and the balance Cara so longed for when she pictured herself a parent. Sleep for everyone helped Cara reclaim joy for her family.

Over the years, Cara became known as “The Baby Sleep Expert” among her friends.  With her background and her newfound hands-on knowledge, she knew she could make a difference for exhausted parents and babies. And that’s how “Taking Cara Babies” was BORN.

What has led the growth and success of Taking Cara Babies?

Cara began teaching newborn classes to help parents lay the foundation for sleep skills from the start with NO crying involved. Cara’s mission: teaching parents to help their babies sleep well and reclaim the joy of new parenthood.

At the beginning, it was exhilarating to Cara to turn her passion for helping others into a career.  Parents who attended her newborn classes were amazed that their tiny little one could have great sleep habits with NO crying involved. Parents of older babies went from chronic sleep deprivation to joyful, well-rested families. These parents shared their success and before long Cara’s schedule was FULL.

Being a business owner, wife, and mom of 4 young children, Cara could not keep up with the demand. Cara’s time was spent writing personalized sleep plans and mentoring about 8-10 families a month. But for every family she helped, there were 10 more waiting in line to get the sleep help they so desperately needed. Knowing she could not help everyone without further sacrificing her family time, Cara knew she needed to take her business to the next level.

Wanting to provide help to more families, Cara made the decision to complement her live classes and one-on-one mentoring with online courses and resources so that she could help and reach parents struggling with these same issues around the globe. She began offering her classes online and launched with her highly successful “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” newborn class.  Followed shortly by her other classes  offering solutions for the dreaded 3-4 month stage and the 5-24 month age range to help parents of older babies create and customize a plan that would help their baby become great little sleepers too.

Publishing the online courses was a complete success.  It allowed Cara to help so many more families on their quest for sleep with their babies.  What Cara didn’t realize was that there would still not be enough hours in the day to serve her customers with the personalized support they needed.  This realization led to the next step in the growth of Taking Cara Babies. Since Cara was not able to clone herself, she decided to hire a few trusted employees to help her provide the support her families needed. Cara now has a team of four investing in the lives of her families.


What makes Taking Cara Babies special?

Why, CARA of course!

Taking Cara Babies understands that many new parents struggle with sleep deprivation. Cara carefully creates the solutions using evidence-based research to help babies get the sleep they so desperately need, so parents and families can thrive. Cara’s courses share the same philosophy of empowering parents to help their babies and return to the parenting experience that they dreamed of while never being left alone in the journey.

What is the ultimate goal of Taking Cara Babies?

Cara’s goal is to be able to help more and more families conquer sleep deprivation and reclaim the joy of parenthood. When the parents that Cara and her staff serve are empowered, confident, and loving a well-rested family life with healthy and happy babies, Cara knows she has found success.  

Why we recommend Cara?

Cara’s calling and her kind and gracious spirit are what make working with her so special.  She truly cares about everyone and will do what is necessary to help make others happy. Whether it be a last minute blog post or a late night callCara is always there.  Please visit Taking Cara Babies to learn more about her award winning classes or to read one of her informative blogs on topics ranging from daycare to pacifier use.  We guarantee you will feel better each day if you stop by her Instagram and check out her topic or tip of the day

You can thank us later!!

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