The Last Trimester: Preparing to Have Your Baby

The Last Trimester: Preparing to Have Your Baby

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the third trimester. Such an exciting milestone that at times may have felt like it would never arrive! 

As exciting as the third trimester is, it can also be nerve racking and even overwhelming. But, don’t worry. In this post, we’ll go over some quick and easy tips to help you prepare to welcome your sweet child into the world.

Preparing to Have Your Baby

As you’ve likely learned by now, ‘preparation’ changes entirely when we enter motherhood. Gone are the days of throwing some clothes in a bag last minute for a weekend getaway. Instead, all details need to be planned to a T. 

Here’s some recommendations for when you are beginning to plan as your third trimester starts — or even before! 

  • Review symptoms of labor. Strong contractions, belly, and lower back pain, and your water breaking are all signs that it’s go time!
  • Make and review a preparation checklist. This will help you stay organized and allow you to accomplish a few things per day to prepare instead of cramming it all in after your water breaks.
  • Pack your hospital bag. Fill your bag with,diapers and onesies for baby. For yourself, pack your favorite snacks, a few outfit changes, phone and charger, breast pads, a nursing bra, breast pump and nipple cream and ointment. 
  • Finalize and study your birth plan. This helps ensure things go as smoothly as possible on the day of and that everyone is on the same page as far as expectations and execution.
  • Get any family requests sorted, including who will take care of other children or pets while you’re in the hospital. 

Preparing Mentally for Baby

Mental health is something to be taken seriously. Here are some things to consider that can improve your mental health as you prepare to become a new mother:

  • Try to get outside as often as possible for fresh air and sunshine. A few short, laid-back walks around the block per day will do wonders for your mood and anxiety levels.
  • Connect with other new moms. The hospital will probably have information about new moms' groups that you can join for support. You can also find these groups online.
  • Make time for yourself. We know how hard it is to leave the baby in the first few weeks and months. But, you have to take some time for things you enjoy. Start with an hour manicure and pedicure or a 45-minute run or bike ride. 
  • Ask for help. If you start to feel overwhelmed, depressed, or overly anxious, there is nothing wrong with asking for help — whether it’s your partner, mother, best friend, or a healthcare professional. You do not have to go through your postpartum experience alone. Plan ahead so you know who you can reach out to when you need help!

Our most important tip is to take advantage of the joys of the third trimester, like unlimited foot rubs and late-night dessert runs, always having an excuse to take a nap or sit down. But, most importantly, you are one step closer to meeting your little bundle of joy — focus on that when the stress starts to overwhelm you. 

Remember, your baby won’t know if you packed the wrong going home outfit or the birth plan changed at the last minute. 

For more parenting advice, from milestones to bonding, visit our blog — it’s full of must-know tips and tricks for new parents.

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