How to Stop Swaddling


Most parents of newborns are at a loss as to how to stop swaddling their babies, especially with their first child. The patented Magic Sleepsuit is an ideal swaddle transition option for parents that want their children to make the transition from swaddle with little interruption in their sleep patterns.

The Magic Sleepsuit provides the cozy contained feeling of the swaddle but allows babies more freedom of movement in their sleep.  The Magic Sleepsuit allows babies to wear their warmth so that no additional blankets are necessary in the crib.

When to Stop Swaddling Your Baby

For most newborns, this stage usually occurs around three months. If your child begins rolling over while in their swaddle, breaking out of their swaddle, or rocking in their swaddle, it’s most likely a sign that they are ready for more freedom of movement in their sleep.  This is the ideal time to introduce the Magic Sleepsuit and enjoy the magic of a sleeping baby once again!

Swaddle transition

Swaddling is used to simulate the warmth and comfort babies feel while being carried in the womb. It’s the easiest, most effective way to make newborns feel secure before and during bedtime. Swaddle transition products work to provide the same level of comfort while allowing them to transition into more mature sleep habits.

The Magic Sleepsuit’s unique design and materials make it ideal for parents looking for an effective transition method from swaddling to regular sleep. Backed by pediatric sleep experts and parents alike, the Magic Sleepsuit provides your baby with the next step from the swaddle - allows movement and is not as confining as the swaddle, but still cozy and secure while helping to muffle reflexive startles.

A good night’s rest is critical not only to your child’s mood, but to his or her development. Help your child make the important transition from swaddling with the help of one of today’s most innovative swaddle transition products, and give you and your child the restful sleep you both need and deserve.