April 22, 2019

You're invited to a baby shower. It may be the third invitation you've received in the last month. You can't afford a big-ticket item, but you want to get something for the soon-to-be parents. Check out these five ideas for inexpensive, yet clever, baby shower gifts.

Clothing for Now and Later

Babies grow fast, so they need a lot of clothing. Don't hesitate to buy clothing that the baby won't wear right away. There's not going to be another baby shower, so when the time comes and the baby outgrows the clothes for newborns, clothes for 6-month-old and 9-month-old babies will come in handy. Get clothing that's easy to get off and on. You can find inexpensive onesies in the parents' favorite sports team or favorite city, or you can personalize a onesie with a monogram or catchy saying.


Diapers may not be a glamorous gift, but it's a practical one. You can have too many strollers or car seats, but you can't have too many diapers. You can spend a little time making the gift look nice. Tie a giant blue or pink ribbon around the diapers with a big bow on top. You can add other items used during the diaper-changing process. You can buy a cheap basket or tray and place baby wipes and baby powder in it. You can add a hooded towel. The parents will applaud your practicality.

First Aid Kit

A baby shower gift that may fall between the cracks is a first aid kit. A nasal aspirator or a baby thermometer might not be on a baby registry list, but it's something the parents will need. Buy a cute basket and fill it with items like baby nail clippers, a baby brush or comb, gauze, baby gas drops, nasal drops, and Band-Aids. If you add things like acetaminophen, antibiotic cream, or alcohol swabs, make sure the items include proper dosage.


You may not have the money to buy an expensive present, but you may have the time to provide a valuable service for the parents. You can offer to clean the house for the new parents, take the baby while the couple enjoys some time together, do some laundry, or cook the family a meal. The couple will appreciate your thoughtfulness. You can create a coupon book so the parents can "redeem" your favors when they need them. Family and friends may be plentiful the first few days after the baby arrives, but when the house empties, the couple may give you a call.

Swaddle Transition

A Magic Sleepsuit is the perfect solution for transitioning a baby from swaddle to a cozy and secure environment. Experts agree that swaddling is a good idea for a newborn as he or she is adjusting to being out of the mother's womb. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed for babies who are ready to transition from the swaddle, yet still need that cozy, secure feeling to aid in their sleep. Our sleepsuit comes in sizes for babies who are 3-6 months old and 6-9 months old.

You just need a bare crib; there's no need for a blanket. Place the baby in a diaper only or in a cotton onesie. Adjust the temperature to that recommended for babies, which is on the cooler side. Once the baby begins to roll over while wearing the Magic Sleepsuit, it's time to transition out of the sleepsuit. In the meantime, the baby will sleep for longer stretches without help from the parents.

If you're considering this top baby gift, check out the Magic Sleepsuit. The recipient parents will be grateful to transition their baby from swaddle to a sleepsuit for better, longer sleep.

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