As a parent my highest priority is the safety and well being of my children, and I am sure it is for you as well.  So, you can be assured that the Magic Sleepsuit and Baby Merlin's Magic Dream Sack were designed and are manufactured with safety as a top priority.  Every shipment of Magic Sleepsuits and Dream Sacks undergoes extensive safety lab testing and quality control inspections.  As with any baby product, it is the parents' and caregivers' responsibility to make sure the Magic Sleepsuit and Baby Merlin's Magic Dream Sack are being used as recommended. The Magic Sleepsuit is to be used with the ABC's of sleep (Alone, Back and Crib), and following all the AAP recommended guidelines for safe sleep. The Magic Sleepsuit and Dream Sack should be used in a room that is at an appropriate temperature for babies. Please feel free to contact us with any product questions as we want to make sure the Magic Sleepsuit and Baby Merlin's Magic Dream Sack are used within all the recommended safety guidelines. Below are helpful safe sleep tips from the AAP and links to other useful sites for safety information: 
  • Back to sleep:  Infants should be placed for sleep in supine (wholly on back position) for every sleep.
  • Use a firm sleep surface:  A firm crib mattress, covered by a fitted sheet, is the recommended sleeping surface.
  • Keep soft objects and loose bedding out of the crib:  Pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, stuffed toys and other soft objects should be kept out of an infant's sleeping environment.
  • Do not smoke during pregnancy:  Also avoiding an infant's exposure to second-hand smoke is advisable for numerous reasons in addition to SIDS risk.
  • A separate but proximate sleeping environment is recommended such as a separate crib in the parent's bedroom.  Bed sharing during sleep is not recommended.
  • Consider offering a pacifier at nap time and bedtime:  The pacifier should be used when placing infant down for sleep and not be reinserted once the infant falls asleep.
  • Avoid overheating:  The infant should be appropriately dressed and the bedroom temperature should be kept at a comfortable temperature.
  • Avoid commercial devices marketed to reduce the risk of SIDS:  Although various devices have been developed to maintain sleep position or reduce the risk of rebreathing, none have been tested sufficiently to show efficacy or safety.
  • Do not use home monitors as a strategy to reduce the risk of SIDS:  There is no evidence that use of such home monitors decreases the risk of SIDS.
  • Avoid development of positional plagiocephaly (flat back of head):  Encourage "tummy time" during wake time. Place the infant to sleep with the head to one side for a week then change to the other side.  
  • Ensure others caring for the infant (child care provider, relative, friend, babysitter) are aware of these recommendations.
  • Avoid having the baby spend excessive time in car-seat carriers and "bouncers." 
*If your baby has any medical or developmental condition, please consult your physician before using our products or any other product in the crib.
If you would like more safety information from the American Academy of Pediatrics please visit
For information from the Consumer Product Safety Commission or Center for Disease Control, please visit  or
For additional information on safe sleep for babies, please visit  or
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Baby Merlin Company is proud to be an inaugural member of First Candle's Safe Sleep Guardian Program and is committed to only showing babies in safe sleep environments. We've partnered with First Candle for many years by sponsoring Safe Sleep education programs, and sharing a mission to promote safe sleep.


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