Proper fit of the Magic Sleepsuit is critical for its effectiveness and safety. 

When the Magic Sleepsuit fits properly, the scooped neck will lay flat on the baby’s chest, away from the face. There should be no fabric near the baby’s face or chin. Baby’s shoulders should NOT slide out of the neckline, and they should NOT be able to wiggle their arms out of the arm openings. The baby should NOT have enough room in the trunk area to pull their legs up into the body of the Magic Sleepsuit. 

All of the above examples of poor fit are signs that the Magic Sleepsuit is too big. The result could be that your baby could wiggle out of the Magic Sleepsuit leaving extra bedding in the crib. Also, it will not give your baby the cozy, secure feeling that makes it so effective.

Our sizing is based on industry standards - 

Small, approximately 12 - 18 pounds

Large, approximately 18-21 pounds

You can also base sizing on the size of clothing your little one is currently wearing.

*Please keep in mind that these size ranges are guidelines as all babies have different body types which can affect fit. When you are ready to try the Magic Sleepsuit, we encourage you to send us a photo of your little one wearing it to We can do a Visual Sizing Assessment and give you sizing input. 

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