Transitioning To The Magic Sleepsuit

When Should You Transition from Swaddle?

(3-6 months / 12-18 lbs)

Transitioning your baby from the Swaddle to the Magic Sleepsuit is a decision parents should make based on their baby’s individual needs. Rather than using age as a benchmark, the decision should be made based upon your observations of your own baby’s sleep behavior.

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Signs It Might be Time to Transition Out of the Swaddle

If your baby is showing any of the following signs, it’s time to begin transitioning them out of the swaddle and into the Magic Sleep System.

Increasing movements while sleeping

Fighting or breaking out of the swaddle

Rolling onto side or stomach when swaddled

Waking more often and not being able to resettle

How To Use The Magic Sleepsuit

Not sure about the fit?

Proper fit and the timing are the most important factors in the use and success of the Magic Sleepsuit. When you are ready to try the Magic Sleepsuit, we encourage you to send a photo to us at for a free visual sizing assessment.

What should my baby wear under the Magic Sleepsuit?

The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to be used in accordance with the Safe Sleep Guidelines including the ABCs of sleep (Alone, Back, Crib) and in a room at the AAP recommended temperature for babies, which is on the cooler side. We recommend dressing the baby in a diaper or a onesie under the Magic Sleepsuit - no more than one layer of light cotton.

Can You Start Your Baby in the Sleepsuit Prior to 3 Months of Age?

The Small Sleepsuit is sized 3-6 months and will best fit when your little one is at or above the 12lb mark and consistently wearing 3-6 months size clothing. If introduced too early, the startle reflex may still be too strong to be fully effective, and there could be too much wiggle room for your little one. When the Magic Sleepsuit fits properly, it will provide the cozy and contained feeling of the swaddle while allowing your baby the freedom of movement they need as they develop.