If your baby is rolling while awake in clothing other than the Magic Sleepsuit, you can continue to use it until they start to roll over, or are trying to roll over while wearing the Magic Sleepsuit.  Often, babies can roll while awake well before they roll over in the Magic Sleepsuit. 

The Magic Sleepsuit is designed for a specific developmental window from the swaddle transition until babies are ready for more freedom of movement in their sleep.  Rolling over, or attempting to roll over in the Magic Sleepsuit are signs that they are ready to be transitioned out. 

Once your baby is rolling in the Magic Sleepsuit, you can consider transitioning to the Baby Merlin Dream Sack! It allows for greater freedom of movement, while still providing the comfort the Magic Sleepsuit provides.

You are welcome to contact us directly with any questions about your baby's transition.

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