The Magic Sleepsuit is not weighted and does not contain any weighted material.  It is made of three layers of fabric only - jersey cotton inner layer, jersey cotton or microfleece outer layer, and a layer of polyfil in between.  The layers of fabric provide the cozy contained feeling for babies as they are transitioning from the swaddle.

There is a misconception that our product is weighted due to the wording in our patent.  However, per Maureen, who created the Magic Sleepsuit: 

"A patent can include multiple possible variants of a product, but that does not necessarily mean that the product that reaches the market contains all those features.  When we filed our patent we casted a broad net on possible variations since it was written well before our product reached the market. Our patent includes features that are not included in the Magic Sleepsuit on the market today. Again, there is no weighting or weighted material of any type in the Magic Sleepsuit."

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