How to Stop Swaddling

A swaddle is used to simulate the warmth and comfort babies feel while being carried in the womb. It’s the easiest, most effective way to make newborns feel secure before and during bedtime. Knowing how and when to stop swaddling is an important part of a baby's transition. Swaddle transition products work to provide the same level of comfort while allowing them to transition into more mature sleep habits.

Some parents of newborns do not know the right time to transition, especially with their first child. The patented Magic Sleepsuit is an ideal option for parents that want to assist their children in achieving this important milestone.


As every baby is different, there is no set age for when to stop swaddling a baby. Rather than using age as a benchmark, the decision should be made based upon your observations of your own baby’s sleep behavior. Most babies are ready when they are seeking more freedom of movement but still need a cozy, contained sleep environment. If your baby is showing any of the following signs, it’s time to begin transitioning:

  • Increasing their movements while sleeping 
  • Fighting or fully breaking out of the swaddle
  • Rolling onto their side or completely rolling over when swaddled
  • Waking more often and not being able to resettle and sleep


Once you’re clear on when to stop, the next question is how. The Magic Sleepsuit was developed by a pediatric physical therapist after experimenting with ways to get her own baby to sleep. It's made out of soft, breathable layers of cotton and polyfill and is designed to muffle the Moro (startle) reflex and provide just enough security and comfort to promote restful sleep for both baby and parents!

Hear it from one of our happy moms: 

Baby sleep is the one thing I wish I’d spent more time learning about before Viper arrived. The most recent challenge has been transitioning out of the swaddle and into the crib. 

Swaddling was SO helpful when she was smaller but had started to really become uncomfortable recently, plus she’s on the verge of rolling. I tried the @magicsleepsuit after seeing it mentioned by other Mamas and was immediately hooked. The last several days I’ve been laying Viper down for a nap and walking out of the room feeling total joy. I just can’t believe it. This little suit has made a HUGE difference in her naps. I reached out to the company wanting to share.

Reasons I love the Merlin:

  • It makes her feel surrounded and cozy, especially in the bare crib without blankets or pillows! Kind of like your favourite duvet.
  • It allows her to use her hands! This helps her to self-soothe and to be able to touch me during night feeds.
  • It’s easier to handle her body, to put her down drowsy without her limbs falling and waking her too much. -Emily D.

The Magic Sleepsuit’s unique design and materials make it ideal for parents looking for an effective transition method from swaddling to regular sleep. Backed by pediatric sleep experts and parents alike, the Magic Sleepsuit does not restrict all movement. It is designed to provide a cozy and secure sleeping environment.

A good night’s rest is critical not only to your child’s growth but to his or her development. Help your child make this important milestone with the help of one of today’s most innovative swaddle transition product and give you and your child the restful sleep you both need and deserve.