How to Prepare for Each Stage of Baby Development

How to Prepare for Each Stage of Baby Development

Early childhood is a time of immense physical and emotional growth for your child. They go from being immobile to walking, talking and potty training in the span of just a few years! Here's what you can expect as your baby evolves into an active toddler:

Newborn to 4 months 

Your baby's first month is typically spent getting to know their surroundings and developing a sense of trust with their parents. You can help them learn by holding them for most of the day, responding to them immediately when they cry or make noise and keeping your voice at a soothing level as often as possible.

4 months to 2 years 

This is a time of immense physical development for your baby. They'll be spending more and more time on their hands and knees, crawling all over the place while making random vowel sounds at their toys. 

Babies this age love repetition, so if you read them a book or sing them a song every day, they'll grow familiar with it's contents and be excited to see you walking up the stairs with that stuffed giraffe. Don't be surprised if your baby starts acting out what they've seen on TV or in real life, though.

2 years to 4 years 

During this period of cognitive development , your toddler is beginning to form stronger memories of people, places and objects. They'll require constant attention during this time because they're curious about their surroundings. This means watching their favorite movie for the 50th time is likely to be met with enthusiasm. 

As your child begins to understand language more, they'll be able to express their emotions through words or by pointing at what makes them feel a certain way.

4 years to 6 years 

Your little one's imagination will really start developing in these years as they grow in verbal and social skills. They'll be able to use more complex sentences and participate in simple conversations. They may also start using prepositions, playing with words and have a greater capacity for describing their feelings.

As your baby/child continues to grow and develop, it is important to make sure that you have the proper tools and supplies to keep them healthy and happy. Some of these supplies include car seats, cribs, high chairs and strollers. One great thing to keep on hand as your baby grows is the Baby Merlin sleep system, including the SleepSuit and DreamSack. Our Magic Sleep System helps your little one get the rest they need during these most important early years

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