The baby shower is the ideal time to gift the mother-to-be everything she’ll need to survive her first few months as a mother. If you’re looking for top baby shower gift ideas that are more unique than onesies or diapers, the Magic Sleepsuit is the perfect gift for you. Created by a mom of four and pediatric physical therapist for her own children, the Magic Sleepsuit helps make the transition from the swaddle a smooth one. It also provides parents with peace of mind knowing that their baby is in the safe hands of one of today’s most trusted swaddle transition tools. With the Magic Sleepsuit, you’ll give both parents and child the gift of a longer, more restful night’s sleep.

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No mother has ever wished for her child to sleep less. After all, a happy, rested newborn means a happy, rested mother. If you’re wondering what to gift the mothers or mothers-to-be in your life, the Magic Sleepsuit is the perfect go-to gift for baby showers, holidays, or “just because.”

Available in blue, yellow, or pink, with a white lining inside, the Magic Sleepsuit is perfect for any and all newborns and their mothers. With low pricing, frequent online deals, and fast shipping for baby shower gifts, holidays, and special events, there’s nothing to keep you from giving your newborn the most comfortable night’s sleep since the womb.

Mom-to-be gifts for baby shower success don’t come as such a no-brainer every day. The Magic Sleepsuit is the gift that keeps on giving, every night, and it’s one that the newborn and their new parents will equally appreciate. Anything that keeps a newborn catching the most sleep at night, and not snatching it away from the entire household, is a choice gift indeed—and one that you’ll be receiving a hearty thanks for over and over again.

Perhaps you’re looking for baby registry gifts to put on your list? Be sure to tack this one on! Of all the sleep aid items in your baby arsenal, this one could be the most important!

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