7 Cold Weather Essentials for Your Baby

7 Cold Weather Essentials for Your Baby

Brrr! It's getting to that time of year again when the chilly winds and frosty mornings pick up. While we adults can layer up in our coziest sweaters and sip on hot cocoa, our little ones need some extra TLC to stay warm.

Whether you're a seasoned parent or a nervous first-time parent, we've got you covered—well, we’ve got your baby covered for this winter season!

What Happens When Your Baby's Temperature Drops?

Before we dive into the snuggly stuff, let's discuss why keeping your baby warm is so crucial. Babies have low body fat which means they can't regulate their body temperature as efficiently as adults can. They're more vulnerable to cold weather.

Failing to keep babies warm can lead to discomfort, fussiness, and even health risks like the following:

  • Hypothermia (in extreme cases)
  • Viral infections
  • Sore throats

So, let's make sure your baby is as cozy as can be with these essential seven cold-weather items!

1. Hats That Cover the Ears

First things first, let's keep those tiny ears nice and warm. A hat that covers the ears is an absolute must-have. Not only will it make your baby look adorable (cue the Instagram-worthy pics), but it'll also keep them cozy and happy.

2. Cozy Stroller Blanket

Heading out for a winter stroll with your baby? Don't forget a stroller blanket! It's like a warm hug for your little adventurer while you both brave the brisk air together. A snug stroller blanket can provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort.

3. Toasty Booties

Tiny toes need warmth too! Slip your baby's feet into some cozy booties to ensure they stay snug during those winter outings. These adorable footwear options are not only practical but also fashionably adorable.

4. Layered Onesies

Layering is the name of the game when it comes to baby clothing in the cold. Opt for onesies that you can easily add or remove to maintain the perfect temperature for your baby.

It's important to avoid clothing that is too tight or itchy because this type of clothing can lead to discomfort and even difficulty breathing. When dressing your little one for cold weather, make sure you are using breathable fabrics that provide plenty of air circulation and insulation.

5. The Right Sleepwear

Although you may aim to keep your baby's room at the optimal temperature for baby sleep (68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit), there might be times when you can't control the temperature. Or maybe you want to save on electricity and keep the heat down a bit. Either way, the right sleepwear is essential for good sleep for your baby (and for you).

It may be tempting to add blankets to your baby's sleep area during winter, but remember the American Academy of Pediatrics suggestions for safe sleep: your baby's crib or sleep area should not have any loose blankets, pillows, or toys due to the risk of suffocation.

Instead, you can use a baby sleepsuit or sleepsack to keep your baby comfortable and safe. For colder temperatures, you may want to find a baby sleepsuit/sack that's designed with microfleece, which tends to be more cozy than cotton.

6. Mittens

If you're heading out, make sure the baby is wearing mittens. Whether he or she will be tucked into a blanket or not, our appendages (fingers and toes) are especially susceptible to wind and cold. Mittens will keep fingers nice and comfortable while your kiddo attempts to grab the snowflakes.

7. Baby Blanket

Last but not least, a soft and snuggly baby blanket is a must-have. Whether you're swaddling your baby for a nap or keeping them cozy during playtime, a good blanket is a parenting essential.

Prepare for Chilly Nights With Baby Merlin

Ready to give your baby the gift of warm, uninterrupted sleep? The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit can help! It's the perfect solution to ensure your little one sleeps comfortably, even when the winter winds pick up outside.

Made with two layers of breathable fabric—you can choose between an outer layer of cotton or microfleece—and double zippers for easy changing, our baby sleepsuit is designed to provide just the right amount of warmth for safe sleeping.

So, go ahead and cozy up! These seven cold-weather essentials will ensure your little one feels safe and comfortable during wintertime.

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