7 Tips for Sleeping in a Hotel with a Baby

7 Tips for Sleeping in a Hotel with a Baby

There are few things more exciting than going on new adventures with your little one! But when it comes to traveling, some of you might be daunted by the idea of maintaining your baby's sleep routine in unfamiliar surroundings.

Rest assured, with a few proven baby sleep tips, you can make your hotel stay a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your baby—and for you too!

1. Stick to the Routine

The first of our baby sleep tips, and arguably the most crucial, is to try your best to stick to your baby's routine. Your baby's sleep environment may have changed, but if their bedtime routine remains the same, it will signal to your baby when it's time to wind down. Whether it's a warm bath, a calming story, or a lullaby that usually sends your little one off to dreamland, stick to it.

2. Create a Familiar Environment

The unfamiliar surroundings of a hotel room can be exciting, but can also lead to discomfort for your baby. Our second baby sleep tip is to bring along some home comfort. This could be your baby's favorite blanket, stuffed toy, or sleep sack. The familiar smells and textures will comfort your baby and create a more home-like feel, significantly contributing to a peaceful sleep.

If you use things at home like a swaddle or sleepsack, don't forget to pack those. This is one of the best ways to make sure your baby feels comfortable and safe while they sleep.

3. Use a Portable Travel Crib

For the sake of safety and familiarity, investing in a good-quality portable travel crib can be a lifesaver. This way, your baby will get used to sleeping in the same space whether you are home or away. And since many travel cribs are designed for easy transportation, this baby sleep tip should fit nicely into your travel plans.

4. Control the Room Conditions

The ideal room temperature for a baby to sleep is around 68-72°F (20-22°C). Because most hotel rooms offer adjustable room temperature, you can take advantage of optimizing your baby’s sleep environment. Additionally, investing in a portable white noise machine can help drown out unfamiliar hotel sounds and soothe your baby to sleep.

5. Plan Your Room Layout

If possible, request a hotel room with a separate living area, so you can create a mini nursery space. Having a separate space will mean your normal activities won't interfere with the baby's sleep schedule. But, if this isn't feasible, even a well-planned corner of the room will do the trick.

6. Take Advantage of Hotel Services

Many hotels offer baby-friendly items such as:

  • Bottle warmers
  • Sound machines
  • High chairs
  • Diaper pails

Take advantage of these services to lighten your luggage and make your stay more comfortable. However, remember to bring your own crib sheet to maintain that sense of familiarity for your baby.

7. Be Flexible

Our final baby sleep tip is about you. It's important to be flexible. Understand that disruptions may occur, and it's perfectly okay. Your baby may take a little longer to settle or wake up more frequently. Stay calm and patient, and remember, you're on this adventure together!

Incorporating these baby sleep tips into your travel plans will ease the transition of sleeping in a hotel with a baby. The most important thing is to enjoy this precious time with your little one. Happy traveling!

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