Creating the Perfect Baby Registry

Creating the Perfect Baby Registry

Creating the Perfect Baby Registry 

Registering for a baby can feel overwhelming, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. When registering keep in mind what will work for you and your lifestyle, as every parent and baby will have a different set of essentials and needs. However, the Gugu Guru team has found that there are some universal items that will help prepare all parents for having a new baby in the home.


Swaddle Blanket: Before making their debut into a bright and cold world, babies are used to the warm and snug environment of the mother’s womb. A swaddle blanket is a must-have for babies to wrap up their little bodies and help them feel safe and warm. Babies also tend to startle themselves and awake, so the swaddle will help a baby sleep longer periods.


Sleeping: Where will baby sleep? Whether it’s a crib, Moses basket, baby box, co-sleeper crib, or bassinet, remember to add a safe sleep structure to your registry. Whatever you choose, remember to add a mattress and sheets too if the sleep structure requires them, but does not include them.


Baby Monitor: New parents need sleep! Unfortunately, many struggle with restful sleep when they can’t hear or see baby. There are many types of monitors available, and we recommend registering for one that fits your needs. Some parents want to track baby’s activity while he sleeps, or receive an alert if something could be wrong. Movement and/or video monitoring offers peace of mind and reassurance to parents of newborns and young babies, but also transitions well to the early toddler years… so you can finally get some sleep!


Nail clippers and baby mittens: Babies are born with sharp little nails. To keep their little hands from scratching themselves (or you), it’s essential to have baby nail clippers on hand at all times. To make the task easier and safer, look for small nail clippers that include a magnifying glass. We also suggest having baby mittens on hand for the first few weeks to avoid scratches, as baby may be too small to have his or her nails trimmed.


Thermometer: All kids get sick, even the smallest of babies. A fever in a baby is very different than a fever in a child, so it’s imperative to have a working thermometer in your home at all times. Make sure to register for a thermometer that can work on infants, babies, and toddlers, as you will always need it.


Nasal aspirator: Babies can have very stuffy noses. A nasal aspirator is a must-have for baby, as it can sometimes be the only way to clear a tiny baby’s nose. A congested baby will be fussy and not able to sleep and may have difficulty nursing, so the nasal aspirator is an absolute baby essential.


Diapers and wipes: Whether you plan to cloth diaper or use disposables, it is totally acceptable to add diapers to your registry. Just a tip though: babies often grow out of the smallest diaper sizes pretty quickly, so don’t register for too many size 1 diapers! When looking for wipes, look for the least harsh and most natural wipes, as they won’t be too strong on a little baby’s bum.


Towels and Place to Bathe Baby: In the early days, you will just be using a little bath and washcloths to wash down baby, but it’s smart to invest in a baby bath which can transition from newborn size to older babies. Most newborn baths come with a handy sling for baby so they won’t slide around! Pick soft towels, as baby’s skin can be sensitive.


Car seat: Of course, you can’t forget a car seat! In fact, the hospital won’t let you leave without one. You can start baby in an infant car seat and eventually transfer him to a convertible seat, or you can start out with a convertible seat. Either way, register for the color and style you like!


Stroller: Yes, you can get out into the world with baby! If you have a car seat already picked out, make sure that it’s compatible with the stroller you select. Also, look for a stroller that can be used throughout toddlerhood, as you don’t want to buy another one.


Baby clothing: If this is your first baby, you’re going to want to register for some baby clothing! Keep it simple with onesies and get a bunch of plain white ones to go under other clothing, especially for cold weather climates. Baby socks are constantly getting lost, so double the amount you’ll need and register for those. And, don’t forget baby hats; babies lose a lot of heat through their head, so you’ll want some warm beanies to help keep them warm.


If you’re looking to start your registry, check out Gugu Guru - with its easy and fun style quizzes, it will make recommendations for you and your lifestyle on baby gear, clothing, and more. Its curated registries are personalized for each parent and the site will even help you find essential items you didn’t even know existed! Plus, you can add anything, from anywhere, to your registry. To get started on your style quiz and registry, head to Gugu Guru.

About the Author

Monica Banks is the founder of Gugu Guru - - the first baby registry to deliver free, unbiased and highly personalized product recommendations for expectant and new parents based on their answers to a fun style and lifestyle quiz. Prior to launching Gugu Guru, Monica was a branding and marketing consultant in the Mom & Baby industry.  In recent years, Monica has worked to launch successful initiatives with such brands as Pampers, Similac and Belli skincare -- to name just a few. She currently lives with her husband and two children in Long Island, New York.


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