How Many Diapers Will My Baby Go Through in the First Year?

How Many Diapers Will My Baby Go Through in the First Year?

If you’re a soon-to-be mom or dad, congratulations! You are about to embark on life’s sweetest journey. There are probably millions of thoughts and questions running through your head, and if you’re like most parents, at least some are about what to expect.

In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about how many diapers you can expect your baby to go through in their first year of life.

Diapers Throughout Your Baby’s Life

 Most babies will wear diapers until they start potty training around the two-year mark. Until then, you are going to go through a ton of diapers. Diaper sizes you’ll need correspond to the age and weight of your baby. For example:

  • Size Preemie: Up to 6 pounds
  • Size Newborn: Up to 10 pounds
  • Size 1: 8–14 pounds
  • Size 2: 12–18 pounds
  • Size 3: 16–28 pounds
  • Size 4: 22–37 pounds
  • Size 5: 27+ pounds
  • Size 6: 35+ pounds
  • Size 7: 41+ pounds

In the first year, you can expect your baby to go through about 2,200 diapers. You can pick your jaw off the floor, though, because there is some relief in sight. A baby’s bladder grows as they age, meaning as time passes, you will change fewer diapers. Here’s what that will look like:

Newborn: 10–14 diapers/day

Infant (3–9 months): 10–12 diapers/day

Baby (9–18 months): 8–10 diapers/day

Toddler (18+ months): 6–8 diapers/day

Dealing with Diapers

Here are a few of our tried and tested tips to help you get through the diaper years.


In order to make frequent changes easier, make sure to set up a designated changing station where you can easily access diapers, wipes, bibs, clothes—and anything else you may need in a pinch. Also, for convenience on the go, keep a well-packed diaper bag that will allow you to create a "pop-up diaper changing station" no matter where you are. Don’t forget to refill it regularly, so you don’t find yourself out of diapers in bad timing. 

Invest in some sleepwear for your little one that makes diaper changing a breeze. Sometimes, the hardest part about changing a baby’s diaper, especially in the middle of the night, is dealing with all the buttons on their onesies. For late night diaper changing that doesn’t leave you pooped out, try the Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. This swaddle suit has double zippers to make diaper changing a dream.

Finally, invest in a quality diaper pail that will control odors and fit as many dirty diapers as possible. This reduces your trips to take out the garbage while still keeping your nursery (and house) smelling fresh.


Our best tip for dealing with the cost of diapers is to stock up when you can. Buying in boxes is usually cheaper than in bags, for example. Look for sales and opportunities to buy in bulk. 

Another money (and time) saving tip is to try a diaper subscription service. Most services will send different amounts of diapers based on the child’s age, and they will automatically change sizes as your baby ages.

You may also want to consider cloth diapers that can save money and garbage loads. Though the initial investment is a bit more for cloth diapers, once you own them, they're yours for life, which leads to less cost over time.


A terrific tip to reduce crying and wiggling through diaper changes is to get a wipes warmer. You can eliminate the shock that comes with a cold wipe on a baby's tush with a warming dispenser. 

In order to minimize the pain and severity of diaper rash, you have to treat it immediately. There are several creams, powders, and even antibiotics to treat diaper rash. Call your doctor to find the best treatment for your child. Also, avoid future outbreaks by ensuring your baby doesn't sit in their wet or dirty diaper for too long.

Diapers are a huge part of any baby’s first year. If you're in the process of planning a baby shower or putting together a registry, don't forget the value of diaper-related gifts to make all those diaper changes easier! Whether it’s a box supply of diapers or a Magic Sleepsuit for easy nighttime changes, you’ll be glad that you’re prepared for the time ahead!

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