Baby Milestones: Developmental Stages in the First 18 Months

Baby Milestones: Developmental Stages in the First 18 Months

Your baby’s first 18 months are filled with many exciting new changes. You want to soak up the time with your little one at any stage while looking ahead to the next steps in their development.

This timeline of developmental stages represents some of the most common milestones your baby will have and when they occur most often. Keep in mind that all babies are different in their development. Your little one is unique, and it’s normal for babies to reach milestones in different timing, or sometimes to skip them entirely. If you have any questions about your baby’s development, ask your pediatrician.

The First 2 Months

Within the first 2 months, your baby:

  • Begins tummy time
  • Lifts their head
  • Has their first smile
  • Sleeps well with a swaddle

Month 3

Starting at month 3, you can look for the following:

  • Starts to show signs of rolling over from belly to back
  • Has their first laugh
  • Reaches for toys
  • Begins to break out of a swaddle

Between months 3-5, it’s common for your baby to start to show readiness for rolling and to break out of a swaddle. These are indicators that it’s time to swaddle transition into a Magic Sleepsuit.

Baby playing milestones

Month 6 

Around month 6, you may start to see some of these milestones:

Between months 6-12, your baby’s increased motor skills and developing strength prepares them to start rolling more at night. When your baby shows signs of rolling over while in the Magic Sleepsuit, they are ready to move to a Magic Dream Sack. This roomy sleep sack gives your baby familiar comfort from the same cozy fabrics as the Magic Sleepsuit, but in a style that helps them sleep in their next stage of development.

Month 9

At month 9, it’s common to see that your baby:

  • Crawls or scoots
  • Plays peek-a-boo
  • Pulls themselves up on things
  • Stands while holding on to objects
Baby crawling milestone

1 Year

When your baby is around 12 months, you can expect the following:

  • Says first word, often “mama” or “dada”
  • Waves “bye-bye” 
  • Stands independently
  • May start taking a few steps
  • Ready to transition out of a Dream Sack

Around 12 months, your baby may be phasing out of the Dream Sack and ready to upgrade. The Magic Dream Sack Walker is for babies 12-18 months who need sleepwear that offers the same comfort with more mobility. It has foot openings that allow for more movement needed for crawling and walking.

Month 18

At month 18, it is common to see these milestones:

  • Walks without support
  • Eats with a spoon and drinks from a cup
  • Says several small words
  • Plays pretend with dolls or stuffed animals

Baby Merlin offers a complete sleep system that offers sleepwear solutions from the time your baby is first transitioning from a swaddle through their 18 month mark. We’re here to help your baby to get good sleep so that you can enjoy your time together in every developmental stage.

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