How to Dress Your Baby for Their Best Sleep

How to Dress Your Baby for Their Best Sleep

A baby's nighttime routine is sacred: bubbly bath times, storytime, cuddles, and, of course, cozy sleepwear.

When it comes to helping your baby slumber peacefully, swaddling them in their Magic Sleepsuit might be an important part of your process. However, there are a few key things to remember to make sure that safety and comfort come first.

Follow these guidelines, and you'll be sure to create a cozy and safe sleep environment for your little one!

Dress Your Baby Lightly

To help keep your little one comfortable, it’s best to dress them in only one light layer of cotton clothing underneath their Magic Sleepsuit. We recommend wearing a onesie or diaper under the Magic Sleepsuit.

When considering a sleepsack for your baby, it's important to keep in mind a garment's TOG rating; a TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is a measure of thermal insulation used in clothing. This rating lets you know how much warmth the clothing provides, which determines if it will be suitable for your baby's sleeping environment.

The Magic Sleepsuit does not have a TOG rating because the feet are open.

For reference, a TOG rating of 0.25 would correspond to ultra-lightweight clothing you wear in the summertime, while a TOG rating of 3.0 would correspond to heavy, warm clothes you can wear in the cold wintertime.

After initial testing, we can conclude that Baby Merlin's Magic Dream Sack and Dream Sack Walker have a TOG rating under 1, which means a light cotton onesie or pajamas would work best underneath.

The Right Temperature is Everything

Along with light clothing underneath your baby's swaddle sack, make sure your baby's room is neither too hot nor too cold—either extreme can prevent your little one from getting a night of deep and restful sleep. Follow the guidelines set by the AAP and aim for a comfortable temperature on the cooler side between 65-70°F (18-21°C).

To check that your baby isn't too hot or cold during the night, we recommend that you feel your baby's back or stomach. It should be slightly warm but not sweaty. If your baby feels too hot, remove a layer of clothing or remove their sleep sack.

As always, monitor your baby to ensure they stay comfortable enough to get plenty of restful sleep each night!

Use Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit for a Perfect Rest Every Time

We hope these tips help you to create an environment that's just right for your baby. By dressing your little one in light cotton clothing, monitoring their temperature throughout the night, and choosing the right swaddle sack for them, you're sure to give your baby a  perfect night's rest every single time!

Get your magic sleepsuit today and give your baby their best sleep—don't hesitate to email us or give us a call! We're always here to help you on your journey of raising a well-rested and happy baby.

Good luck, and sweet dreams!

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