The Art of Gifting: The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

The Art of Gifting: The Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

Thousands of products are available to help with a new baby. With so many choices, buying a gift for a baby shower is a daunting task. Giving a great baby shower gift is an art that can be learned by following a handful of simple guidelines. Here's a list of top baby shower gift ideas based on the thing’s babies do most:


Babies go through a lot of clothes, so clothing is always appreciated. Parents can never have too many basic items such as onesies, zip-up pajamas, and nightgowns that cinch closed at the bottom to cover the legs. Babies are wiggly, so clothes that are easy to get on and off quickly become favorites. Give clothing in bigger sizes, like 6-9 months or 9-12 months, rather than newborn sizes, when babies are more likely to be out and about and need more choices.

If you want to go beyond basic, choose pieces that have special significance for parents. You can find fun and unique pieces for almost any passion imaginable, from sports teams and motorcycles to fashion and literature and everything in between. 


Babies also go through a lot of food. In general, it's safest to stay away from bottles and breastfeeding gear unless you know exactly what the mother wants, as these items are very specific. Instead choose other meal time staples such as silicon table mats and bibs, dinnerware designed specifically for little ones, high chairs, and other similar aids.


When babies aren't eating, they're most likely to be sleeping. New parents appreciate anything that will help their babies get to sleep and stay asleep. There are several good ideas for giving the gift of sleep, including parenting books dedicated to sleep advice and techniques, electronic soothers that "shush" the baby to sleep, and special pillows designed to hold the baby securely in place while sleeping. Swaddle transition products such as Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit are also wonderful for helping babies relax and fall asleep. 

With the help of these baby shower gift ideas, you should have no trouble finding the ultimate gift for your next baby shower!



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