When to Transition Baby From Your Room to Their Own Space

When to Transition Baby From Your Room to Their Own Space

Most parents share a room with their newborn initially, but you may start thinking about when it’s best for your baby to move out to start sleeping in their own space. Having your baby move to a nursery can help them to develop a healthy and independent sleep schedule. So when is the best time to help them make that transition?

When to Make the Transition

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that babies share a bedroom with their parents for at least the first six months to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This recommendation can reduce SIDS risk by 50 percent!

Some parents might choose to keep their baby in their room until they are a year old, while others want to help their baby transition sooner. Be sure to discuss the timing of your baby’s move to a nursery with your pediatrician to get personalized guidance.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

As you get ready for the milestone of transitioning your baby to their own room, you may be worried about how the change may affect their sleep schedule and overall mood. Let’s go over some tips for a smooth transition.

Start Out Slowly

If there’s one thing babies don’t like, it’s change. To help reduce the difficulty of the transition in being suddenly placed in a strange, empty room, start slowly. Practice at least one nap a day in the crib in the baby’s nursery for the weeks leading up to the big transition. It’s important to allow them time to adapt properly to this new independent environment. 

In addition, go into the nursery without your baby throughout the day to change your baby’s diaper, get them dressed, and bring them to play on the floor. If your baby is transitioning into their own room closer to the one-year mark, designate some special toys that stay in the nursery for play to help them warm up to the space.

Baby moves to nursery

Create a Consistent Environment

On the first few nights of the room swap, keep your baby in the same bassinet they used in your room, just move it to the nursery. Try to keep everything else surrounding bedtime the same. Maintain your regular bedtime routine to keep consistency. Turn on your baby's favorite white noise machine. Make sure they have the room darkness and temperature and that they’re used to when sleeping in your room.

Get the Right Swaddle Solution

Let’s face it, when transitioning a baby into their own room, we need all the help we can get. Having the right equipment can make a big difference. When it’s time for your baby to transition from a swaddle, a Magic Sleepsuit can help them to maintain good sleep patterns they had with a swaddle.

So it’s a good idea to start with a Magic Sleepsuit while they’re still in your room so they can get used to it being a part of their bedtime routine. Being snuggled into their Sleepsuit will act as a sleep cue and notify them that it’s bedtime—no matter what room they’re in.

If you’re ready to put these tips to work, check out the full Baby Merlin Sleep Collection to ensure the baby has a comfortable, safe, and long night’s sleep!

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