You're one Breath Away From Home

You're one Breath Away From Home

Where to begin? Let’s start with I wanted to have this written in July and well motherhood, life, team no sleep got in the way. As I’m in the deep throws of motherhood right now, (up all night nursing, lots of late nights, feeling like I’m back to the newborn days even though my youngest just turned 1.

It’s so intense. 

Being a mama of three little ones is so rewarding and beautiful yet wildly emotional, and quite the ride. 

As I’m typing this my three year old just came into my bed as I laid down and got my 1 year old to bed. Finally.

This full moon coming and just the intensity of this season has been a lot. I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat it. 

However, in this season of life I’ve had such a reframe and shift in perspective.

Instead of “it got in the way”, I’ve had gratitude for the slow season. For the intensity bringing me back to more presence, more refining. More enjoying of the slow, of relishing in the mundane, allowing the lessons, the extra cuddles and snuggles, extra body and all night nursing.

Btw, this was not me when I was a new mama. This shift happened as I had my second daughter during the wild world of 2020 and then having my son in 2022.

Let me back up for a min. When I had my first daughter and became a mama about 5 1/2 years ago I was in a deep heavy postpartum depression and anxiety like deep, dark hole to say the least.

I had a pretty traumatic birth and after 42 hours wound up in a c section. To say I didn’t know who I was, would be the understatement of the century. I hated how I felt, how I looked, how my body didn’t “bounce back” my scar, and the list goes on. 

Fast forward after going through quite the healing journey, facing my darkness, God, the universe healed me and meditation came into my life and truly saved me. 

This was back in 2018.

Then came 2020 and all my fears, my traumas I thought I had processed came bubbling back up to be seen 10 x worse! I was also pregnant with my second daughter. All the mindset work, talk therapy, cognitive & NLP modalities suddenly were no longer working. Meditation was no longer helping me. I was frozen and freaked, to put it lightly. This is when breathwork showed up in my life, seriously thank God cause I was about to have a full breakdown & panic attack. 

Mindset work had stopped working! 

Breathing right? Sounds simple enough. It is simple yet it is so powerful because we get out of the monkey mind and into our divine body, our divine channel, messenger when we anchor in to true deep conscious breaths. 

Most of us actually don’t breathe at all, we shallow breathe and therefore we are in fight or flight, reactionary responses. We don’t drop our shoulders, we just stay stuck and keep the stress going which turns into chronic stress. ( living in a sympathetic nervous system)

I learned that’s exactly what I had been doing and I hadn’t taken a conscious breath in years. 

So that’s where the breathwork journey began for me. Deeply breathing. Consciously. Allowing my shoulders to drop. My nervous system to regulate. To return to rest and digest, true homeostasis which is known as our parasympathetic nervous system. A place I hadn’t been in a long time maybe actually not since I was a baby and entered this world?! Wild to think. I can’t remember the last time I felt that safe in my body to breathe, to feel and allow the healing.

So needless to say breathwork has changed my life. The more I did sessions, the more I went from breakdowns to breakthroughs. 

The deeper I breathed, the more I received. 

Then as I started longer sessions, different exercises not only did I recognize in making it a practice that I was moving from lower vibrations such as anxiety, depression, stress into higher states of consciousness. This kept happening.

I created more inner peace with myself and my body & baby even though the outside world was a literal sh*tshow. 

And I healed my trauma. Like my trauma actually healed. It left my body. I found the true mind body soul connection. I was able to meditate again and deepen in and actually trust myself.

Even though the world was on literal fire in many ways in 2020, I had the most peaceful birth, achieved my vbac, moved past fear and into faith and my life forever changed since. 

This led me to becoming certified and trauma informed as a Breathwork expert and facilitator.

That’s why I’m on a mission now to help mothers, parents, caretakers and children breathe deeply and consciously. So they can create shifts in their lives. Every time a client breathes with me 1:1 or in a group they go through incredible changes and shifts. They have their own breakthroughs and massive healing. It’s beautiful! 

To me this is soul transformation and I’m honored to help others walk into this journey with beautiful intentions of grace, ease and love. 

I love to say come home to yourself through the Breath. My app I created is called Breathe and B. All about coming back to the being of you, the soul of who you are.

I believe when we can get out of the lower vibrations, get out of the fear and limiting beliefs, all fear is - false evidence appearing real, false emotions appearing real”, whatever resonates, it’s not really real, and we can get into our bodies and anchor into our knowing and breathe deeply we shift ourselves in every now moment as well as regulate ourselves which regulates everyone around us and we have a profound ripple in the collective. 

I recently launched a breathwork challenge as well, for those that want to be guided live, coached and Breathe for 22 days straight to expand their lives in all areas of freedom, abundance, faith and more. ( replays are in my app if you’re not live)

So I invite you if this called to you or spoke to your soul, get curious. Think about what a few conscious breaths could do for you & start there. 

I never would have thought I’d be so passionate about breathing but it’s literally the key to our metamorphosis & it’s all inside of us.

PS mama / parents, you’re AMAZING in case you didn’t hear that enough today. I hope you receive that, Breathe that in deep and know that.

With gratitude,

Love, Light, Style and Blessings


About the Author:

Ali Levine is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator/ Intuitive Stylist Transformation Expert and a mama of three.

Sought after Media Personality / Soulful Speaker, Author, Mompreneur & Creator of the app Breathe and B. Download her app:   (also on Google Play)

Ali has launched a 22-Day Breathwork Challenge where she offers breathwork activations and sessions to help you learn how to "initiate a plan of action or simply destress." Use code  ALISLEEPSUIT15 for your 15% discount!

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