Better than Double Espresso shots!

Better than Double Espresso shots!

Nothing prepares you for the exhaustion brought on by sleepless nights after bringing your sweet baby home.  I could have plunged face first into a Starbucks espresso double shot, and my eyes would still be sinking deep in those undeniable dark circles.  The term #Mombie is a thing for a reason!

Enter the Magic Merlin Sleepsuit, or better known in my house as our saving grace that resurrected peaceful stretches of uninterrupted blissful sleep...for all.

We transitioned my second born into his crib, and this time around, we tried the Merlin Sleepsuit. The very first night in the suit, he slept like an angel. And mom did a happy dance of pure joy. I love how secure and comforted he felt in this, yet it is breathable and safe! 

This item is a new parent MUST HAVE!

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