Recognizable Stages During Your Baby's First Years

Recognizable Stages During Your Baby's First Years

During the first few years, a child is growing and developing in knowledge and skills. The following stages are recognizable for many children:

0-2 months

Babies in this age learn to distinguish their mother's voice from others. They can also recognize her face, especially if it is seen regularly.

2-4 months

Babies now communicate by crying and cooing sounds, for instance to signal they are hungry or want their mothers attention. They also start to learn simple games like peekaboo.

4-8 months

Babies begin to explore the world using all of their senses. They try out new movements and skills, like holding up their head and sitting, and recognize things and people again after a few minutes.

8-12 months

Babies now begin to make their own choices; for instance they start to choose between different types of food or toys, based on their preferences. They also try out new activities such as crawling and walking. Some babies start to speak simple words during this age.

12-14 months

Babies want to explore and discover new things, especially with their mouths by tasting objects or putting them in their mouth. They also learn how to properly put an object down after they have it in their hand, like a rattle for instance. Furthermore, they can express themselves better by moving their whole body and they also start to use simple gestures like waving 'bye bye'.

14-16 months

Babies now express themselves better by pointing at objects, for instance when asking for a toy. They can also understand simple instructions such as "Give me that rattle" or "Please give me the banana". Furthermore, they can walk on their own, but may still fall. They can also build some simple words like 'mama', 'papa', 'ball' or 'baby'.

16-20 months

Babies can now walk without the help of other adults and they don't need to hold on to something while walking anymore. Also, they are able to follow simple instructions like "Please come here to me" or "Give that toy to Auntie Anna". Towards the end of this stage, babies begin to understand simple sentences.

20-24 months

Babies can now express themselves better by talking and sharing their thoughts with other people. They usually have a lot of questions about things they see or hear. They often also start to use two word sentences like "Baby want drink!" or "No wants!".

24-30 months

Babies learn to solve problems and puzzles by themselves, like taking a book from a bookshelf and putting it back again. Furthermore, they play with other children and share their toys without too much fuss. They can now understand complex sentences like "Please give the toy to your little sister!"

30-36 months

Babies at this age usually know all their body parts by name and can put an object in a container or on a shelf, for instance. They also learn to solve puzzles with more pieces, like building blocks. Moreover, they better understand instructions with more complex sentences.

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