Works Like Magic!

Works Like Magic!

Sleep can be challenging for babies, toddlers and children. The Merlin Magic Sleepsuit has been amazing for autism, special needs, sensory issues and also works beautifully for typically developing children.

The Merlin Magic Sleepsuit is so soft and works like Magic! Our son loves going into his Magic Sleepsuit each night!

When we put it on him, we say, “we love you”, “goodnight” and in only a few short minutes he is fast asleep and sleeps soundly through the night! 

I highly recommend if your child is struggling with sleep issues, DEFINITELY try the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit! 

Not only will your child get a goodnight sleep but you will too!! 



Author: Danielle M. Ethier, M.S. Danielle is a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Professional servicing children, adolescents and adults. She has her Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Psychology, and her Masters of Science in Community and Mental Health Counseling. She has been working with children and families affected by autism and learning disorders for over 17 years. 

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