8 Benefits to using the Magic Sleepsuit To Transition From The Swaddle

April 17, 2015

8 Benefits to using the Magic Sleepsuit

The Sleep Lady, Kim West, hosts the Baby Merlin Company founder on her blog to discuss the benefits of a smooth swaddle transition vs going cold turkey


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Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit A Much Raved About Product! Does It Really Work?

April 10, 2015

The Opinionated Wife says the Magic Sleepsuit has "been a lifesaver for a baby who is slowly learning how to break out of the swaddle, but not yet ready to sleep in her crib without something swaddling her"

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Are You Ready To Stop Swaddling?

April 02, 2015

Kim West, The Sleep Lady, hosts Maureen Howard as a guest blogger on her website and recommends the Magic Sleepsuit for swaddle transitioning.Baby Sleep Coaching by the Sleep Lady

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The Sleep Training Post: How We Got Our Baby to Actually Sleep

March 31, 2015

Lauren from the Say What You Need to Say blog writes that her little one "is much more rested and just overall happier" and that she "honestly cannot get over how joyful he has become since we started the sleep training and sleep suit"

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Sleep Tale of Muggles Magic and More

March 24, 2015

Bonnie from Life of Bon: sings the praises of the Magic Sleepsuit. She declares that it must, indeed, be magic!


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