The Magic DreamSack® Walker is a large size DreamSack with with openings at the bottom for older/larger babies who want feet out for additional breathability or to allow for easier standing in the crib.  The Magic DreamSack Walker can be used immediately after the Sleepsuit for older or larger babies or after the use of the Magic DreamSack - small size.  Its another continuum and the answer to "how do I transition from the Magic Sleepsuit?".  By using the same material and two layers of fabric to create some fabric weight for comfort, the DreamSack provides your baby with a familiar sleep environment with slightly more freedom for mobility as they move and rollover in their crib.  The DreamSack still provides the cozy and contained feeling to aid in their sleep.  This wearable blanket also continues to eliminate the need for loose blankets to provide a safe and secure sleep environment.  

The Magic DreamSack uses the same materials as the Magic Sleepsuit; cotton inner layer next to the babies skin and cotton or microfleece exterior layer.  Additionally, the design and colors are also the same to help ease the transition.  The transition requires a delicate combination of time, patience, and the right tools. The Magic DreamSack is designed to provide your infant with the same cozy and secure support that comes from the Sleepsuit, with the added freedom to move arms and legs as your baby grows. These innovative and life-changing wearable blankets are available in two soft and cozy variations: Small, which is a traditional wearable blanket and Large which has leg/foot openings to allow your older baby to stand and walk in the crib.  

Large      12-18 months

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