Magic Sleepsuits®

Mothers and fathers everywhere know that one of the most difficult aspects of a new baby in the house is sleep deprivation. While it’s true that new babies do little more than eat and sleep, the fact of the matter is that they don’t sleep very well. The expression, “sleeping like a baby,” is pretty comical, as babies are terrible sleepers. Every sound and every movement can disturb their sleep, which is why they struggle to sleep deeply for sustained periods of time without parental intervention like rocking, feeding, or cuddling. Newborns can be swaddled tightly to keep them warm and secure, but older babies in the 6-9-month-old stage are difficult to swaddle, yet still need the extra security. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed for babies who are ready to transition from the swaddle, yet still need that cozy and contained feeling to aid in their sleep. Its design holds the baby securely in place, keeps her warm, and muffles the startling baby reflexes that can disturb sleep. Baby sleepsuits eliminate the need for loose blankets or other bedding in the crib, and are designed to be used for back sleeping only. Once babies roll over in the Magic Sleepsuit, it is time to transition them out of it.

The Magic Sleepsuit is one of the most effective swaddle transition products available today. Made with soft, comforting materials, the Magic Sleepsuit will give your baby the sense of security and warmth they need to sleep well through the night. Visit our online shop and buy swaddle transition products today so you can get a good night’s sleep tomorrow.