Can I introduce the Magic Sleepsuit before they’re 3 months old?

The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to be introduced when babies are transitioning out of the swaddle and into the crib which is usually around 3 months of age. At 0-3 months when babies are typically swaddled, the startle reflex may be too strong to have sustained success with the Magic Sleepsuit. The Magic Sleepsuit is designed to be used after the swaddle, not with a newborn as a swaddle alternative. The other very important issue is the sizing in younger babies. For safety and effectiveness the Magic Sleepsuit needs to fit properly. (Please see FAQ - “How do I know if the Magic Sleepsuit fits my baby properly?”). When you are ready to try the Magic Sleepsuit, we encourage you to send us a photo of your little one wearing it to We can do a visual sizing assessment and give you sizing input.