4 Reasons We Love the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit for Safe Sleep

4 Reasons We Love the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit for Safe Sleep

There are undoubtedly a lot of baby sleep sacks, swaddles and wearable blankets on the market, each designed for a specific age, issue, temperature and sleeping preference, but the one that has always stood out as a Sleep Consultant favorite here at Tiny Transitions is the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit.  Today, we sum up just why that is, and how you can save yourself the hassle and money by just starting here at 3 months or 12 pounds, when baby is ready to move from the arms in swaddle.

It Protects Babies from the Startle Reflex

It’s 8pm, you just got your baby down to sleep and they “jerk” awake because they whacked themselves in the face again and startled themselves to crying. What you are seeing in that reaction is called the Moro Reflex and those movements signal that the baby's nervous system is developing properly, but it is typically disruptive to sleep. Until now. The Magic Sleepsuit gives baby protection from the startle with its unique design, allowing your little one to sleep longer stretches at night without being disturbed by movements they can’t yet control at this age, as the Moro Reflex can last up to 6 months of age in some babies.

Alone & Safe in Their Crib

October is Safe Sleep and SIDS awareness month, and this Sleepsuit keeps your little one safe in their own space, which should be free of ANYTHING but baby, their Merlin and possibly a pacifier {if they are even using one}. That’s it. As a baby sleep coach, I see a lot of parents who use very dangerous products or ‘hacks’ to get babies to sleep longer, and it’s not safe. These hacks don’t work and are very dangerous sleep props. Toss them and grab a Merlin. It keeps baby safe on their back, which is where they should be for those first months of life. Back is Best for Baby to Protect against SIDS

The single most important thing you can do to keep your baby safe is to place them in the crib on their back. The cause of SIDS is still unknown, however, we do know that babies placed on their sides or stomach for sleep are more at risk as they are with loose blankets and co-sleeping. The Merlin keeps your baby on their back and in a comfortable position, reducing the SIDS risk and keeps them in a safe space, their crib, for sleep. Whether they are in their own room or your room in a crib, knowing they are safe, close and comfortable temperature-wise, gives any new parent some ease when they too are trying to get some shut-eye. This guide for how to dress a baby for sleep can also share ideal temperatures when using the Merlin as your Sleepsuit/Sack of choice!


10 Fingers to Wiggle and Suck

Many new babies will like to suck those tiny little fingers as a way to self-soothe and calm. In many other products, you don’t get access to your fingers, so a baby spends 35 minutes fighting to get just one little hand out to have access to. With the Merlin, that fight can cease, because despite its look, babies can bend their little arms in the Merlin and grab that thumb or finger to suck as they calm and settle to sleep.


A Positive Sleep Association

As new parents & babies are growing and learning how to best settle for sleep, the Merlin is a positive signal that sleep is on the horizon. At a young age, you are shaping how well a baby sleeps, how they learn to fall asleep and how long they sleep by what you “do” to help them get there. Often-times, new parents support a newborn to sleep, and before you know it, they need to be rocked to sleep, fed to sleep or bounced to sleep. This is something I discuss in more detail in my free Newborn eBook, which you can download if you are working on a newborn sleep schedule or building a sleep sanctuary. Putting on the Merlin is a great signal that sleep is on the horizon. Use it during the put-down process (which could look like a feed, diaper-change or quick burp) then lay the baby down awake in the crib in the Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. They then will understand the next step in the process is sleep, a great association. This way, you don’t fall into the supported sleep trap at the 4 month sleep regression, you fly right by it!


How Do You Transition Out of the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit?

And flying right by all those sleep regressions is great, but being rested and safe is what we all want as parents and postpartum care providers. Using the Merlin Sleepsuit for those busy and active first few months of growth and transition can help your baby to not only sleep safely but sleep longer at night and for naps, as they develop. When they do finally outgrow it, don’t worry, Merlin as you covered with their new Dream Sack transitional product, another favorite of the baby sleep coaches on my team, the Slumber Squad.

In summary, we love the Merlin, believe in the product and want to keep all babies safe, comfortable and sleeping well. We understand sleep is such a hot commodity when your new baby arrives and you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure what to do. We hope that you too can use the Sleepsuit to set a solid sleep foundation to catch a little ZZzs and bring you the gift of sleep that you are seeking to become a confident parent. Should you need some help along the way, we are always happy to welcome new people into our free sleep community, because we know that it can take a village and we are happy to support you here at Tiny Transitions.


About the Author

Courtney Zentz, Founder of Tiny Transitions Sleep Consulting, is on a mission to change the way the world views sleep and provide accessible sleep coaching resources for all families to build healthy sleep habits in their homes for children of all ages.As a multi-award-winning speaker, author, and Pediatric Sleep Expert, Courtney works intimately with families from around the world to teach healthy sleep habits to children and adults. She helps her clients see that being tired is not a badge of honor but that sleep is the foundation for which the house is built. Courtney hosts The Kids Sleep Show, a Podcast geared towards solving sleep struggles in children of all ages.                                                                     

Courtney resides outside Philadelphia, in the suburb of West Chester, PA, with her husband Adam and two children, Max and Sovella, and has always felt passionate about making sleep & healthy living a priority in her family's life.

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