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I was absolutely desperate once my LO began to roll over and we had to move her out of the sleep suit. I spent hundreds trying to find a product that was as magical as the sleep suit.  After two weeks of sleepless nights, in an act of desperation, I reached out to you all because nothing worked.  I was able to get a wearable blanket and her sleep instantly got better! Thank you so much!  I can't wait until these are available for purchase on your website so I can have a back up.  Amanda


Entering the 4 month sleep regression... the Magic Sleepsuit has worked wonders. Our pediatrician recommended it a couple months ago and we finally reached the 12lb weight requirement so I bought one. It has helped LO fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly instead of jerking himself awake or kicking his legs. I'm thinking about buying another one as a backup lol. It's amazing!  R.Dildy

I can’t say enough good things about this sleep suit! I never write reviews but this seemed necessary. He sleeps so well and knows when this is on its bedtime. We are very active people and visit a lot of friends and family. Our little guy in his 4 short months of life has been on 3 road trips and stayed at countless friends and grandparents houses (with us of course!) & and as long as we have the suit we know he will get around 9 hours of straight sleep ((at four months old!!!!) no matter where we go. I love this product so much. I have never been so passionate about a baby product. You will not regret it!
Danielle C

8 straight glorious hours of sleep - each night since we’ve had this sleep suit. I’ve never written a product review before because nothing has ever changed my life this much! I wish I had this for my first 2 kiddos - finding this for the 3rd makes me feel like I could have even more kiddos! Literally if you’re looking to get your child to become a great sleeper this is what you need! I’d write a longer review but I’m going to sleep since my baby is sound asleep! Jessica M

Best purchase ever!!!! My daughter is finally sleeping in her crib up to 8 hour stretches! Previously she would last in her crib maybe 30 minutes before she would wake up
. Westley N

If you were like me then you are reading this at 2 am searching for something to help your baby sleep better. Well, this sleep suit is a life saver. My 3 month old struggled with sleeping after he started rolling over and couldn’t be swaddled anymore. The first night with this suit he slept 6 hours straight. Last night he slept 9 hours straight. This sleep suit is worth every penny.  Chelsea

Miracle Worker! My son was super colicky and would wake himself up with his startle reflex. The first night we used the sleepsuit he slept ten hours straight. So thankful it came into our lives Sarah R

 We have used many different sleep suits and this one is awesome so far! Our 3 month old just started day care this week and I was so worried about her sleeping for naps and she has been sleeping so well there using this suit!! I'm actually going to buy a second to have one at home and one at daycare. Carna L

 Life saver for children who hate to be swaddled! Kelsey F

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We bought this for our 3 month old son because we wanted to transition him into his crib from a bassinet. He also loves to be held and cuddled which is why the transition was hard but as soon as we put the sleep suit on he wants to fall asleep immediately and he stays sleeps all night! Its seriously amazing, hands down the best thing we have ever bought  Victoria

Outstanding product. My go to baby gift! Julie L

My son was waking up 2 to 3 times a night and refused to sleep in his crib...Our first night trying the sleep suit he slept for 9 hours in his bed... I was shocked... We have now been using it for a month and my son sleep 9/10 hours in his own crib and is only 3 months old....I LOVE this product...thank y'all so much Brittany

Our 12 week old is a good sleeper, just she kept waking up throughout the night because she would breakout of her swaddle! We knew it was time to transition, we wish we would have done it faster! Night one she slept for 10 hours straight! We don’t have to fight her to take naps, she loves the suit!! everyone is happier now! Janine M

We have used Snoo for naps and bedtime until baby needed to start daycare where the cribs notoriously do not sway or shush. They also cannot swaddle the LOs by law. So, how do you put a baby to sleep who is used to all the comforts and will get none at daycare? Well, it turns out the Merlin sleep suit does the trick. He immediately was able to nap! Now I have a good plan for transitioning him at home. Thanks for the great product! Julie B

This is definitely a holy grail item for me. I initially bought this sleep suit for my son who was an infant at the time. He slept miraculously with the sleep suit, so it only took me a half-a-second to order this sleep suit for my daughter who is now an infant. If this sleep suit was a person, i would definitely hug them and thank them for the amount of sleep i am now able to get. Jasmine R


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My baby didn’t sleep for more than 1 1/2 hours in a row at night. I was desperate, I tried every other swaddle, sleeping techniques, bassinets, you name it... i did it, it didn’t work. Until i came across this my baby slept 8 HOURS in a row in the first night I tried it, and since then our life’s changed , she slept for at least 7 hours every night, and she was such a happy and rested baby every morning, and I became a different mom, a happier and full of energy mom. I bought the bigger size also until she was too big for them. She’s now 2 years old and almost every night sleeps from 8 to 6:30. So trust me on this. BUY THIS!! It’s worth at least to try it. Bianca T

My husband and I purchased this suit out of desperation to get our little love to start sleeping better. I figured as with many other baby sleep products it would help a little but that he would struggle to sleep at night. I read a lot of reviews that said it took their baby a few days to adjust before sleeping better so my husband and I prepared for a long night. We both woke up after 8 HOURS of sleep, almost in a panic! I made him check to be sure that our baby was okay, and he was! He ended up sleeping for 9 hours straight. That was his first time sleeping longer than 4 hours at a time! We are now on day 4 and he has slept at least 7.5 hours in a row every night since purchasing this suit. So happy we bought it!..Jennifer D

My baby was struggling sleeping, the magic sleep suit helped him sleep much better the first night on!! I highly recommend it.Raelene G

We have 2 month old that weighs around 11lbs we tried the small size on her and it fit and worked wonderful our daughter sleeps from 11pm to 8Am without waking up. In the morning when I go to get her out of her crib she is laying there smilingJennifer V

I LOVE THIS SUIT! My 4 month old son slept in his crib for the first time and did great! Usually I can’t even get him layed down in the crib. I put this suit on before rocking him to sleep and he went in his crib no issues. I was able to change him easily for the night feeds and he went right back to sleep sleeping a full 5 hours before wanting his next feed. This is amazing! Prior to the suit I couldn’t tell you how many times he would be awake in 20 minutes or if I’m lucky he will give me an hour. This suit has been a game changer! Thank you!

Flawless purchase process and a product that truly lives up to its name. Magic!!  Whitney A

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Literally a game changer for our 2 month old that fought naps and doesn’t like to be swaddled. I put her in the suit and she immediately calms and puts herself to sleep. Truly an amazing product. Brent B

My baby had such a difficult time sleeping without being held. Even being swaddled, she would have difficulty sleeping on her back. She would use a co-sleeper that would snuggle her in, but I wanted to transition her out of using that to sleep. This Sleepsuit was a lifesaver. The first night she wore it, she was able to fall asleep independently on her back in her crib. To date, she is still falling asleep independently in the Sleepsuit. Chelsea R

My son was a great sleeper and then hit a regression around 4 months. We heard about the Merlin Sleepsuit and decided to give it a try... let’s say it was one of the best purchases we’ve made! He was back to sleeping soundly throughout the night! We highly recommend to anyone :) Lauren P

We absolutely LOVE this Sleepsuit. Our baby has been sleeping through the night since the first night we used it! It’s amazing! You need this! It’s not just our baby either, I’ve recommended it to friends and it works for them too! Erica H

Our 4 mo was getting too long for his swaddle so we tried the Magic Sleepsuit. We immediately noticed how calm he becomes when we put it on. He uses it for every nap and overnight and continues to sleep just as well as he did in the swaddle. Elaine A

My baby wasn’t sleeping through the night until I purchased the Sleepsuit. It was a miracle worker! Avery B

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Our 3 month old sleeps very soundly in her Magic Sleepsuit! Only wakes to feed and falls back asleep very quickly. We put her in the suit with just a cloth diaper on and keep the house at 69 degrees- she’s perfect in it- not too hot, not too cold! Aimee S

We absolutely love the sleep suit we are currently using the small size and our daughter is a GREAT sleeper at 5 months!! So we had to order the bigger size cause we love it so much Ashley B

We first started using this sleepsuit when my daughter was struggling with the 4 month regression. Borrowed the sleepsuit from a friend and only gave it back when I ordered a new one to keep for my future kids. This sleepsuit I believe really helps my baby sleep well at night! Hinal P

I’ve been using it 3 days. When swaddled my 5 month old daughter used to wake up at least once for 10-20 minutes then fall back to sleep. She doesn’t randomly wake up in the sleep suit, it’s amazing. Plus she looks super cute. Alycia H 

This is a wonderful product! Always my go to gift for a baby shower! Taylor M

My 3 month old twins went from sleeping no longer than 2 hours at a time to sleeping 12 hours a night!! Life changing! Adrianna B

Our three month old can’t help but move and twitch all night long. Although he cannot roll over yet he was managing to pull his arms out of the swaddle daily. The magic sleep suit helps to keep him calm and comfy with minimal moving and sleep disruptions. It has also helped with putting him down for naps and even elongating their periods. Overall, we love it and will continue to purchase. Definitely recommend! Stacy R


Honestly this is some crazy baby voodoo...my now 2-month old never really liked being swaddled and started busting his way out at 3 days of life. We just kind of went with it for a while and he would wake up 3-4 times a night, which I figured was normal since I have friends whose kids were up basically hourly for the first year and I guess we new moms just assume sleep deprivation is just a fact of life. Ugh. Anyway, a college classmate randomly mentioned the magic sleepsuit being an absolute lifesaver when she had her daughter, and so I got it on impulse out of curiosity. So, um, HOLY CRAP. The very first night we put him in it he slept 7.5 straight hours before waking again. That's become our new normal with him now waking only once at night for a quick feeding and change around 1-1:30 after 7-ish hours of sleep, going back down until 6. Love this so much and will probably get a second. C.M.

This is my first ever product review. The Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit is amazing. Our baby was a decent sleeper but absolutely hated sleeping in his crib. He wouldn’t make it more than 20 minutes before he was crying and wanted out. It’s been two nights now and he has slept 7 hours each night in his crib without fussing. Mom and dad finally get their room back. Couldn’t be more happy with the product and will definitely be recommending to all my parent friends. Amazon Customer

We are only two nights in on my little one wearing this but i am already so glad i decided to order it! My LO has slept swaddled in a rock and play for the past 4 months. She is now 5 months and never stays asleep when we lay her down flat on her back. Both nights she has worn the sleep suit she has sleep longer the she did swaddled and in the rock and play. I am very impressed and satisfied!  

A friend had given us the small size as a shower gift. My son started busting out of his halo swaddle at 11 weeks, but if we tried to let him sleep with his hands out he would wake himself up right away with his crazy hands!! He’s been sleeping in this since, prevents him from startling himself awake but still allows him to suck his hand/thumb. Just ordered the next size up!

I am shocked at how much this works! My daughter was starting to hate being swaddled - always grunting and kicking and squirming. Decided to give this a try and am so surprised that it works like a charm. Instead of getting the standard 3-4 hours of sleep at night at a time, on our 3rd night using this, my daughter slept 8.5 hours in a row! Make sure you give your baby some time to get used to it. I met with a sleep consultant that says you need to give your baby at least 3 days to get used to anything new, before you write it off as not working. Our first few naps with the Merlin weren’t great, but after about a day and a half she started to sleep so much better!

 Ah the magic sleep suit. Very magical. This thing worked wonders for my son at 4 months before he could roll too much. I very much recommend it!

The holy grail of baby products! Every parent should have one it’s magic!

Best thing I ever bought!!!!! My daughter is actually asleep and staying asleep!!!! I have had this four three hours and holy moly it works!! Love, a sleep deprived mom of a 6 month old 

This worked wonderfully for our son. He was very reliant on the swaddle as an infant and this has been a great transition. For a baby that liked to flop like a fish in his sleep, this suit has been great. I will also say the material quality is fantastic. This thing has been washed and dried countless times and my husband and I are both shocked at how well it has held up. I would recommend the micro fleece to anyone who is undecided. We have both styles and not only does he sleep better in the microfleece, you can dry it on low and trust me, you do not want to rely on air drying these things. We keep the room temperature at 68 and have him in a short sleeve onesie and put socks on his feet and he does not get too warm. Amazon Customer

My husband and I love this product. Highly recommend. My son never slept for more than 30 min during the day. With this suit he now sleeps around 1h after each feed. Which is amazing and allows me to get things done during the day!-Amazon Customer

Best thing on the market for your bub.. A must buy!! Our daughter received the first Magic Sleepsuit as a gift and it definitely extended the sleep hours of our three month old grandson. We decided to purchase a backup suit for those times when an accident might warrant a change in the middle of the night. This suit makes our little man smile as soon as he makes the wardrobe change and gives us peace of mind that he will be warm at night-Amazon UK Customer

“Sleeping like a baby” was a joke in our household and the person who coined the phrase was cursed. My kid needed to be rocked, bounced, and patted simultaneously, in a pitch black room with white noise and a fan going, and still might take 30 minutes to fall asleep. Most naps were in my lap in a chair in his room as I desperately prayed for him to get a little bit of rest. Then he grew big enough for this Sleepsuit that I got as a shower gift. The kid falls asleep on his own within 10 minutes of being put down (but typically no more than 5). I think an actual wizard made this suit and actually infused it with real magic. This is the only baby present I will ever give for the rest of my life. If you’re reading this review, seriously just buy this thing. It’s worth it-Amazon Customer

We LOVE the merlin sleep suit!! Our son wouldn’t sleep unless he was very tightly swaddled but I was tired of dealing with velcro and worrying about a swaddle riding up over his face. We tried him in the merlin suit and he had absolutely no transition but slept the very same! My only worry is transitioning him OUT of the suit, we all love it so much! Thank you from a very happy mom, dad, and baby! - Beth

This is the best thing I might have purchased for my little girl! She hated being swaddled and wanted to sleep with her arms open. Right from the moment she wore it, she has been sleeping so carefree with her arms open.. she wore it for 15-20days and learned to sleep on her own. She startles much lesser now :)-Amazon Customer

Wow! Truly magical!! This suit is amazing! My baby has reflux and hated her crib! Slept in a rock in play, she is just now 7 months old. I knew we needed to transition her to the crib. But a ‘normal’ sleep sack was not working and she would fuss and only sleep for like 20 mins at a time. We put this on her and she slept all night!! It’s been 5 days and still sleeps great!! I was worried we were 2 late in the game to try this, but the large size fits great with room to grow!! I highly recommend this!! My husband and I are still in Awww over this! Wish this was around for our first child - Amazon Customer

Our son is 3.5 months old and has been breaking out of the swaddle. Unfortunately, that meant waking up every time, sometimes 5 times a night. In desperation I researched products and came across the magic Merlin suit. It had great reviews, so we decided to try it. Literally I put the suit on him and laid him in his crib for a nap. He was asleep in minutes. The same happened at bedtime and guess what, he woke up only once for a bottle and went right back to sleep. No more repeated night wakings!- Amazon Customer

A Godsend! I have to admit I was skeptical about it really helping with sleeping for my exclusively breastfed baby, being that they are up every two hours, but she did not budge! She looks so comfortable and I finally am getting some rest!

Best mom purchase ever. My 3 month old son loves it and is sleeping through the night. Awesome transition from swaddle to the Sleepsuit!!

This is a wonderful product!! My baby sleeps through the night when she wears her Merlin. I would definitely recommend this for any new baby. When our daughter was able to begin wearing hers (your baby cannot wear a Merlin until they reach a certain weight)- our sleep definitely improved.


I love this product! I took a sleep training class for newborns and the instructor recommended this. I was skeptical at first but it truly helped my baby control her startle reflex. When she was swaddled with other products, she would move all around the crib. With this sleepsuit, it keeps her in place and sleeping longer. Highly recommended!!!--



GAME CHANGER. Bed time with our newborn was tough. He had to be nursed or rocked to sleep but once we bought the Merlin sleep suit he was able to be put to bed still awake. Worth every penny


I don’t even need to write a review since so many have already said it- but this thing is MAGIC and I want to shout it from the roof top. Our 12 week old was trashing at all hours of the night in his [halo love to dream swaddle] after previously loving it and his sleep was getting worse and worse. I was desperate for sleep. The moment I put him in this, it was like a light switch - he was instantly calmed and didn’t move a muscle the rest of the night. Hallelujah!! I was worried about the summer heat, but he did not over heat at all. He only had a diaper on underneath and the temperature in the room was 72 deg. I don’t understand how it works but it’s the best money I have ever spent.

Okay this may be a fluke, but I purchased this on a whim after reading great things about it and weeks of no sleep. My son would get up every 2-3 hours a night and has been battling some major sleep regression. Last night (the first night in the suit), he slept almost 9 hours straight without waking up once! I was completely shocked! Now we’ll see what tonight holds but so far, so good! I also want to mention that I did dry this on low heat after washing and it didn’t seem to shrink it at all. I also did not find any issues with the bulkiness of it while breast-feeding and my son wore a short-sleeved onesie underneath (and socks) and he stayed nice and warm but not too hot! He normally gets hot pretty easily, so I was a bit worried, but it was perfect! - Abbey

Been using this for two weeks now and it has been wonderful. Our baby has been a great sleeper since day one. She was out of a swaddle by two months, but at four months she started having trouble sleeping because she would mover her arms and legs constantly. In comes this suit, she can still move, but it helps to keep it to a minimum which has in turn allowed her to be a great sleeper again. Definitely recommend. - Sammi

Amazing!!! My daughter was in the middle of the 4 month sleep regression and was waking up every 1.5 to 2 hours all throughout the night. I was barely getting any sleep. I got this and she slept 9 hours straight! Didn’t even wake up once! She has never slept that long. This suit is amazing. I recommend it to everyone!!-Paola

My daughter just turned five months old and has been swaddled since she was six weeks old (& the first night I ever swaddled her was the first time she ever slept through the night & has been sleeping the night ever since) I was terrified of the idea of having to transition out of swaddling but knew the day would come. When she turned four months old she started getting the strength to bring her arms up through the halo sleep sack into her face waking herself up/scratching herself/putting her hands in her mouth which made her start babbling away at wee hours of the night. I decided to try swaddling with one arm out to see how it would go and occasionally it would work but most of the time she would wake up in less than an hour from touching her face with the free hand. So I continued to wrap her in the halo sleep sack, but just did it tighter than ever..& it kept working. Till it didn’t. She would fall asleep great but would move her arms up after an hour or so & would get frustrated trying to free her arms (even started arching her back which mad her roll to her side. I knew it was getting too dangerous to keep it up. I purchased things like the “love to dream sleep sack”, the “woombie”, & the “nested bean zen sack.” (all of which i heard great things about)..but they didn’t work for her The love to dream sleep sack allowed her to have her hands up which she had never slept like before so she was flapping like crazy trying to escape it. The woombie was good for a couple nights but she woke up to the fact that she could bring her hands up to her chest freely but then not extend her arms so she was constantly crying out of frustration. The nested bean zen sack was supposed to mimic “touch” by having a weight on the chest but the weight is light as a feather, so it was like she wasn’t in a sack at all. I didn’t know what to do. I decided to search the web ONE MORE TIME & came across this “magic suit” ..yea ok I bet it wont work for her. But I bought it & decided to try it out. When it came in the mail yesterday I thought it looked ridiculous...but that’s what all the other reviews had said. And even though it looked ridiculous. It still somehow did the trick. So when it was time for her nap I gave it a shot. IT WORKED! She slept and hour & 1/2..which she never does for a nap! (she’ll only sleep that long being held or on my husband’s chest!). * I also feel that it’s important to mention that prior to trying this out we would always wrap her up in the halo sleep sack first and then rock her to sleep in our arms or on our knees on the Boppy pillow- and she would always already be asleep before I transferred her to the crib. So I knew that that with this suit I had to kill two birds with one stone: not only transition her out of the swaddle, but also have her fall asleep on her own in the crib. I waited until she was already tired, even fussing a bit. Put her in the suit while it was lying in the crib, and walked away. She started crying ( naturally because this was the first time she was ever awake in her crib without a swaddle) I reassured her after 2 minutes of crying & 2 minutes later..she was asleep! On her own! Without a swaddle! Arms free to move about! I thought maybe it was just a fluke and it was just because she was so tired. So I knew the real test would be at night.Here I am at 7am writing this review. While she's still ASLEEP! We put her to bed at 9pm (going to try earlier tonight) & she's still out. She usually wakes up at 6 or 6:30 was the first time she was ever awake in her crib without a swaddle) I reassured her after 2 minutes of crying & 2 minutes later. She was asleep! On her own! Without a swaddle! Arms free to move about! Settle back down slowly and she fell back asleep. That would not have been possible with traditional swaddles or with having her arms completely free with armless sleep sack. - Amazon Reviewer 

If I could give this 100 stars I would. For the last 3 months my little has only slept 2-3 stretches and 30 minutes to an hour for a nap. I was desperate for sleep. I decided to try the sleep suit and ohhhhh my goodness! I could cry tears of joy. She slept 8 hours at night and 2 hours for one nap and 4 the other- Tina
I'm the proud Mom of a five month old baby boy and we have really enjoyed using the sleep suit since he was 13 weeks old. It made the transition out of a swaddle pain free! He sleeps 9 hours at night and and takes great naps (we sleep trained him, too). With the sleep suit, he can sleep in a crib at Grandma's house, in a crib at the church nursery in hotel cribs on vacations! It has made parenthood so wonderful to get enough rest and really enjoy our baby. Thank you for such a great product! -Rebekah

I do not generally feel inclined to write reviews or give testimonials about products however, Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit deserves the biggest boost possible!  Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit is by far the most amazing baby product on the market.  It helped our daughter move from her bassinet into her crib at 3 months sleeping 10 hours straight the first night.  At 7 months she began rolling over in the suit, and I was a nervous wreck about the transition.  She slept like a dream, and we had what can only be described as a flawless transition both into and out of the suit when she was ready.  It has helped our daughter become an amazing sleeper and our next child will be a Merlin Baby also.  Thank you so so much. We will be back!  - Brittany & Eric

Wow!  I don't even know where to start!  At around three months old, my son, Colton, discovered his hands.  He was obsessed!  He loved them (and still does) so much that he would spend all night trying to suck his fingers.  Unfortunately, this posed major problems:  he was awake half the night, had trouble napping and startled awake when his hand fell from his mouth.
After days of watching our active, happy baby turn into a quiet, fussy, overtired mess, we decided to start swaddling.  It quickly became apparent that he missed his hands.  To fulfill his need to suck, I was replacing his paci numerous times at night.  He also kept having trouble napping for more than 45 minutes at a time.  Colton was sleeping better in his swaddle, but not great.  Between replacing his paci and his Houdini escapes he was still not getting the sleep he needed AND I was exhausted.  Make that beyond exhausted.
Enter the Magic Sleep Suit.  By the second night of use, he could fall asleep if his paci fell out.  I literally watched him self soothe by sucking his hands and had to pick my jaw up off the floor as he fell asleep after his arms gently fell to his sides....no more thumping the mattress or jerking awake!
By the fourth night, we were putting him down to bed without rocking, patting or bouncing.  In his suit he would go, paci in, and ten minutes later he was asleep.  Crazier still?  He only woke up to eat!  No more fussing over his lost paci or crying out because he was having trouble easing himself into a deep sleep cycle.
On top of that, he has had his longest naps in weeks.  Now he wakes up from them happy and calm.  Sometimes he will just play quietly for a few minutes after rousing.  This was non existent before the Magic Sleep Suit!
So thank you for this wonderful invention.  I feel like I can rest assured that my son is getting the sleep he needs to develop.  I am confident that it is helping him learn how to self soothe.  And I am a better rested, more energetic and attentive mama because of that!
Thanks for the zzzzzzz's! - Kristen

So after one magical night, you've converted us! Our baby has the worst reflexes that wake him up, and bad eczema that he scratches at and often draws blood if I don't put mittens on him (or if he tears the mittens off). At four months, he did the back to front roll in his crib with one arm wrestled out of the swaddle and then couldn't get back. I knew then it was time to quit the swaddle. Our pedi confirmed this and said it wasn't really safe anymore for us to be swaddling him. After many many attempts at getting him to sleep unswaddled and watching the reflex wake him up over and over, we'd always end up putting him back in his baby swing. I really didn't want that-- he was comfortable in his crib and we wanted to keep it that way. Enter the Magic Sleep Suit. I was TOTALLY skeptical when it arrived for all the reasons others are skeptics (it looks like a sumo suit, snowsuit, space suit, etc.). But after one wonderful night we are convinced. We watched on the monitor as our little guy had the reflexes but they were so muffled they didn't wake him up. He couldn't reach his eczema to scratch, but he could still hold his hands and play with them, which he likes to do. It gave time for the eczema to start to heal, and his face looked almost clear in the AM. We watched him wake up and put himself back to sleep with hardly a sound multiple times in the night. He took one break at 2am for 10 mins. of nursing, and got a little noisy at 5am, but otherwise, slept from 7-7 for the first time ever. I am in love! - Mary & Corey
Thank you SO much. My sanity has returned! My 4 month old daughter has been struggling to sleep for a month now. She would sleep okay at night, getting up 2-3 times to feed and go right back to sleep, but getting daytime naps was a nightmare. She no longer liked to be confined to her SwaddleMe blankets, but couldn't stay asleep for more than 5 minutes without them. She was cranky and tired all day, crying and screaming at me. I felt terrible and helpless and I couldn't get anything accomplished (full time college student and housewife), so the whole family was at their wit's end. To top it off, she's rolling from her back to her belly now, so I would get paranoid when she would sleep that she'd roll over and suffocate herself in her SwaddleMe. I looked online for solutions and came across the Magic SleepSuit. I read the website and watched the videos but just couldn't grasp how it worked. And being a thrifty family, it seemed a little pricey; but I put it in my shopping cart anyway and debated about making the purchase for a week. Finally, I was so overwhelmed and desperate, I hit the "buy" button. Upon receipt, my husband thought it looked like a snowsuit and was concerned about her getting too hot. (I thought to myself, "Well, if it doesn't help her sleep, at least we can use it to keep her warm during winter outings.") We washed it and put it on her and off to sleep she went. That night, she slept through the night (no feedings). My first full night's sleep in 4 months. The next day, we used it for nap times and sure enough, she'd sleep for 2-3 hours and wake up happy and smiling again. That night, she slept through the night again, and so did I - without worrying about her rolling over. And this morning, she looked tired so I put her back in and laid her down and she fell asleep on her own (without feeding herself to sleep) for the first time. She stays a perfect temperature (her hands used to get terribly cold at night) and she sleeps so soundly that we are free to touch her to check on her without worrying about waking her up! Now I can get chores down, do my school work, and still have time to sit and write this thank you note! I've had the SleepSuit for only 2 days and it's already worth every penny, plus some! I'll be ordering another one today so I can change them out to wash them.
My best wishes to you and your company. I'm so glad I found Baby Merlin's Magic SleepSuit! - VirginiaSue
I am writing to let you know how amazing I think your product is! My 3 month old and I have been trying everything to help encourage continuous sleep, with nothing helping. His main issue was the startle reflex. He would not (from day 1) remain in a swaddle and therefore his naps would last until the first "startle". We were miserable. Fast forward to last Saturday. Yes, THIS last Saturday. The magical day the sleep suit came in the mail. My sweet boy slept 7 hours last night. His normal pm sleep was between 1.5-3 hours. Night 1 in the sleepsuit, 4 hours. Night 2- 5 hours. Night 3 (last night)- 7 HOURS! My husband is shocked. He was 95% sure we would be sending this thing back. Now he is telling all of his coworkers about it! My sister ordered two today, and my other sister is pregnant, due in February and she is already claiming ours! We are thrilled. - Amy

WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT your product! My husband and I had such a rough start to parenthood, with hormonal and healing issues, and your sleep suit turned it all around! We started our daughter in the suit just before she turned three months, and the first night she slept longer than she ever had before! Within two days, she had slept through the night for the first time ever!! We've now been using the suit both for naps and bedtime, and have a consistent sleeper. Our daughter is not only more rested, but she is all around a happier baby. That also makes for a happy mommy and daddy too. I can't thank you enough for creating this product. I believe in it 100% and recommend it to every new parent I come across. Thank you for the peace of mind and sweet dreams you've given my family! - Stephanie

I can not even begin to tell you how amazing Merlin's Sleep Suit has been! My daughter slept through the night with the first try and is still doing so. I have recommended it to all of the ladies in my Baby group and friends. They too have all had great success with it as well. It is something every new mother should own. I know I will be recommending it to everyone that I come across with a new baby. After all one of the best gifts is the gift of sleep! You are truly a creative genius! - Courtney
The sleep suit is FABULOUS! My son has slept through the night countless times in the last month. Thank you! I cannot believe how much it's changed our lives! - Julie

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