Everything You Need to Know About the Dream Sack Walker

Everything You Need to Know About the Dream Sack Walker

Oh baby, there are lots of baby products out there! How do you know what's worth buying and what's not? At Baby Merlin, we live by three rules:

  1. The product is safe and tested for quality.
  2. It makes your life easier.
  3. Other parents swear by it.

Opinions abound about how to get your baby the best possible sleep because that means the best possible sleep for you too. One product that checks all the boxes above is the Dream Sack Walker. This sleep solution was designed by parents who were looking for a better, safer way to help their baby fall and stay asleep.

Why Your Baby (and You) Will Love a Wearable Blanket

Designed to work like a wearable blanket, the Magic Dream Sack is sleepwear made with cozy cotton or microfleece that keep your baby cozy and comfortable. It's cozy to help your baby relax and drift off to sleep more quickly. 

It's a bit like a sleeping bag with armholes, so your baby still has a free range of movement. Because loose blankets are not recommended in your baby's crib, Our Magic Dream Sack is an ideal alternative, providing all the comfort and security of a blanket without any of the risk of loose bedding in the crib. And instead of buttons or clasps, all the Magic Dream Sack products have two-way zippers for easy diaper changing.

But the Baby Merlin Magic Dream Sack isn't just great for babies. Parents love it too! It makes naptime or bedtime easier on everyone because you don't have to worry about loose blankets getting kicked off, your baby being cold, or any wriggling out of that well-folded swaddle. It’s the perfect product for a swaddle or sleepsuit transition. 

Baby Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack vs. the Dream Sack Walker

Every parent looks forward to that first step, but it also comes with lots of extra movement from your baby. They learn how to really wiggle their toes, kick their feet, and make that much-welcomed transition from baby to toddler. So while you're probably excited about their newfound independence, you need a product that can keep up with them.

The Dream Sack Walker is designed for older babies and toddlers who are ready to take the next step, literally. It's the same design as the Magic Dream Sack but has foot openings so your baby can move around freely without being covered by any blankets. So if your baby has made the transition from crawling to walking, it's a great time for the Dream Sack Walker. 

Sweet Dreams With Baby Merlin

We love simple products that help you and your baby catch some extra zzzs, so that's why we love letting parents know about the Baby Merlin Magic Dream Sack products! As parents, we know that getting your baby to sleep is crucial for everyone's sanity.

The Baby Merlin products have helped thousands of parents across the country get their babies to sleep and keep sleeping throughout the night. So if you're looking for a better way to help your baby or toddler sleep well, check out the Baby Merlin Magic Dream Sack collection today. We know you and your baby will love the results.

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