Magic Sleepsuit FAQs: Transitioning Out

Magic Sleepsuit FAQs: Transitioning Out

This is the first in an occasional series in which we answer our customers’ most Frequently Asked Questions about the Magic Sleepsuit.

Today’s question: How and when do I transition my baby from the Magic Sleepsuit?

When it’s time to transition the baby out of the Magic Sleepsuit, you may be worried about how they will ever sleep again. You are probably thinking: this is a terrible idea! Why not just replace the Magic Sleepsuit by having a marching band serenade the baby to sleep each night?  Why not install a disco ball in the nursery? Why not put a puppy in the crib and wish upon a star that they both sleep all night?

No, transitioning out of the Magic Sleepsuit does not mean your baby will not sleep through the night again. It just means they are ready for more freedom of movement in their sleep. When your baby is ready to transition out of the Magic Sleepsuit, they will let you know. They will begin showing signs that they need more freedom of movement much like when they transitioned from the swaddle. The signs that they are ready can be anything from moving their sleep position around in the crib, to laying on their side, to the deal breaker—the roll over IN the Magic Sleepsuit.

Please note the word “in” the Magic Sleepsuit. This is what causes some confusion. Let’s talk about crib rollovers vs Tummy Time rollovers.  As a pediatric physical therapist, Maureen Howard, the creator of the Magic Sleepsuit, encourages Tummy Time. Tummy Time is supervised activity that your baby spends on their tummy outside of the crib. Tummy Time is an important tool for your baby’s development.It is typical for babies who are at the age of enjoying the Magic Sleepsuit to be rolling over during the day at Tummy Time.This is not the same thing as rolling over in the crib while wearing the Magic Sleepsuit.When we talk about rolling over, as it relates to transitioning out of the Magic Sleepsuit, we mean rolling over, in the crib, while wearing the Magic Sleepsuit

Your baby has enjoyed the magic of the Magic Sleepsuit because it replicates the cozy, comfortable feeling of the swaddle. While they are ready to transition out, you may feel that they still need that cozy “hug” while they sleep.  Maureen solved that problem by dressing her babies in just a light pajama under a sleep sack- and it worked like a charm. This light layering provides some of that coziness that your baby still may need to settle down, while allowing them the freedom of movement they now require. Of course, as with any sleepwear, you need to keep the sleep space at a comfortable temperature-on the cooler side for babies.

As parents, we worry when our babies are ready to move on to the next stage of development. Especially in the early days when as soon as we figure out a solution to a developmental question, we are presented with a new one. Transitioning your baby from their Magic Sleepsuit will be another milestone in your little one’s growth.

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Happy Sleeping!

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