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The Cutest Baby Shower Trends of 2019

November 26, 2018

The days of pink or blue sheet cakes are gone. They've been replaced by Instagram-worthy balloon towers, trays of delectable sweets, themed parties, and gifts that the new mom will actually want to use. Here are some of the top 2019 shower trends, baby shower gift ideas, and party ideas that will make an impression on your guests.

Sip & See

For some people, traditional showers are giving way to post-baby sip and sees. These parties allow friends and family to admire the new baby, still shower the new parents with gifts, and have a perfect excuse to pop some bottles. They can be as extravagant or simple as the host and mom would like, making them perfectly customizable to your budget and preferences.

Co-ed Showers

Another current take on traditional showers are co-ed BBQs or parties to celebrate the coming baby. Rather than leaving out half of your friends and loved ones, these parties allow everyone to be involved and celebrate.

It’s All About the Decor

If you do decide to go the traditional shower route, your best way to keep things trendy and current is to tie in the decor. From balloon arches and creative uses of the mom and dad’s baby pictures to diaper cakes and themed buffets, this is your way to get creative and fun.

Double Duty Treats

Treats for showers go way beyond having something simple to fill up plates between games and gifts. From macaron towers to unicorn cakes, your on-trend treats should look as good as they taste.

Gifts that Matter

The days of experienced mothers gifting random baby things are gone. Baby registries make it easier to make purchased that the mother-to-be will actually want, and group gifts are a great way to split up the cost of the high-dollar but extremely wonderful big ticket items. From baby monitors to Magic Sleepsuits, there are certain gifts that will always be considered staples. To buy the best possible baby gifts, head online today and check out the options available from the Baby Merlin Company that are sure to make a difference in any new mother's life.

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