Top Tips to Calm a Fussy Baby

Top Tips to Calm a Fussy Baby

Babies, especially newborns, have only one way of communicating with those around them: crying. Their cry can mean practically anything! A crying baby is normal as they adapt to their new surroundings and new way of living.

If you have a fussy baby, always try feeding them or changing their diaper first to ensure they are not uncomfortable. If this doesn’t soothe them, they may have other needs you need to try and meet. Read on for top tips to calm a fussy baby.

Stand Up

Have you ever seen pacing parents who avoid sitting down for fear their child will start crying again? This isn't a neurotic notion. Instead, science supports studies showing that holding babies while standing stops their involuntary movement and crying and decreases their heart rate to a normal level. 

This supports the theory that holding your newborn while on your feet is soothing for them. The constant movement of walking and the sound of your heartbeat creates a biologically calming situation.

Turn on White Noise

When babies are in the womb, they are subject to a constant low-level cycle of noise inside their mom’'s body. It makes sense that when they’re born, silence is alien and even upsetting. 

Using a white noise machine, placing babies close to your heart, or gently shushing can provide calming sensations that alleviates their fussing and allows them to relax.

Swaddle your baby

Babies have a reflex that makes them feel like they're dropping (yes, the Moro reflex is as bizarre as it sounds) and causes their limbs to flail, which can wake them up while they’re asleep. 

If you perfect your swaddling technique, your baby will not be able to move as much, and the Moro reflex is much less likely to wake the baby..

Look into purchasing a infant swaddle suit

If you’re ready to transition out of swaddling, look into baby sleepsuits. Beware: not all baby sleep suits are made equally. While it can be tempting to zip them into whatever sleepsuit you happen to find, some babies dislike the feel of certain fabrics.

Search for a infant swaddle suit that is soft on your baby’s skin and allows them to move freely, especially when stretching and sleeping. Choose a soft cotton baby sleep suit that lets your baby rest in comfort. 

For the best baby sleep suit on the market, try a Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit! After all, a sleepy baby can be a fussy baby. Helping your baby to sleep better by dressing it in a sleepsuit at bedtime is likely to improve their temperament while they are awake.
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