What 'Peloton Wife' is Actually Wanting for Christmas

What 'Peloton Wife' is Actually Wanting for Christmas

In 2019, Monica Ruiz made the jump from being a largely unknown actress to an overnight viral phenomenon, courtesy of an ad-gone-viral for the Peloton stationary exercise bike. The ad showed a character portrayed by Ruiz being presented with a Peloton by her husband for Christmas. In the following frames, the character's face seemed to show a growing sense of concern and fear as she undertakes a transformative fitness journey on her new exercise bike.

The look of mortal terror on the actress’s face in the ad notwithstanding, Ruiz has assured the world that she is alive and well. The expression in the ad, as it turns out, was largely a coincidental mistake. Thanks to an interview with Elle magazine, we also know what the actress behind the now-infamous "Peloton wife" really wants for Christmas. Hint: a Peloton didn't make the list.

Some of the top items on the list included an ice roller, rosewater shampoo, a holiday candle, a hydrating lip mask, and the Magic Sleepsuit.

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