July 03, 2019

Your baby’s first birthday isn’t just a big milestone for them, it’s also a big milestone for you! It’s the marking of your first year as a new parent. It also marks that stretch of time that you took the best baby shower gifts that you were given and actually put them to use. Whether this is your first child or your fourth, the first year with a new baby can be tough. So, for now, it’s time to kick back and celebrate this momentous occasion. Whether you plan on celebrating with friends or you’re keeping the festivities to immediate family, there are few things you can do to ensure that both you and baby enjoy this special day.

Don’t Wake the Napper

When it comes to planning your party, keep your baby’s nap schedule in mind. The party should be thrown either before or after the time that your child typically sleeps. While you may think that their first birthday calls for a little bit of extra awake time, you could end up with a fussy baby instead of a happy one. Everyone will be happier if your baby gets plenty of sleep before and after the festivities.

Designate a Quiet Area

This is your child’s first introduction to birthday parties. While you may be used to the singing, conversation, and laughter, your baby may not be. That’s okay! It doesn’t mean that your party is a dud; it just means that your baby needs a little bit of a break from the stimulating atmosphere. Set up a secondary party area where you, or your guests, can go to escape the festivities for a few minutes. Leave out a few snacks for those who may be looking for some peace and quiet. You’ll find escaping to this quiet area is the perfect way to recharge with your baby when needed.

Don’t Be the Photographer

Your baby’s first birthday should be documented. Lots of photos and videos should be taken, but not by you! You’re going to have your hands full setting up snacks, taking care of your little one, and fully enjoying the day. If you add ‘photographer’ to your list of never-ending job titles on the day of the party, you’ll be stressed to the max. Instead, find a few close friends or relatives who will be in attendance to take pictures for you. Not only will it take the load off of you, but it’s also a great way to ensure that you’re actually in some of the photos. Talk about a win/win!

Birthday Party at a Park

Opt for Outside

If the time of the year and the weather permits, don’t be afraid to hold the party outside! A playground or a local park is a great place to hold your child’s first birthday. Not only do you have built-in entertainment (because what could possibly top swings and slides?), but you don’t have to worry as much about cleaning up. Simply bring your balloons, décor, and snacks. Some parks may even have benches and tables for you to set up with, eliminating those from your list of things to bring!

Yes, it’s true. The first year marks the end of an era. You’re shifting your focus from top baby shower gift ideas to toddler-friendly toys and snacks—and that’s not a bad thing! Now is your time to celebrate your successes as a parent. So sit back, relax, and with these tips, you can enjoy the day of your baby’s birthday.

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